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Jan 2Have You Checked Lost & Found?
Jan 4Habit-Forming Fun
Jan 7Just My Husband
Jan 9The Secret to Marital Bliss?
Jan 11Scrambling Bad Eggs
Jan 14Martin Luther King Jr. Day–2024
Jan 15Poll to Pole? Brrrr!
Jan 16The Future Is in the Past
Jan 18He’s Pregnant with Possibilities
Jan 21Fired Up Humor
Jan 23Seeing Someone Else?
Jan 25Birthday Sex
Jan 28Minnie the Mind Reader
Jan 30Tarzan Gets a “New Jane”
Feb 1No Sex, Please! We’re Comic Characters!
Feb 4The Tears of a Romance Cover Model
Feb 6If the Shoe Fits, Marry It!
Feb 8Dressing for Valentine’s Day
Feb 11You Just Won the Super Bowl…
Feb 12A Valentine Sampler
Feb 13Valentine Sex
Feb 15A Forever Romance
Feb 18Presidents’ Day 2024
Feb 20Wood Be Lovers
Feb 22The Plane Truth
Feb 25A Good Knight Kiss
Feb 27Turn Down Sex
Feb 28Leap Year Love
Feb 29John Wayne Loves Being a Cowboy
Mar 3Spin the Bottle
Mar 5Monster Island
Mar 7Underwear Drawer
Mar 10The Joy of Small Packages
Mar 12Leprechaun Lust
Mar 14King of the Leprechauns?
Mar 1640 Years of Fun
Mar 17Intelligent Life
Mar 19The Kiss of Stinky Death
Mar 21Looking Forward to Later
Mar 24My Fair Bunny
Mar 26Having a Felina Easter
Mar 28The Secret to Hoppiness
Mar 30Sick of Chicks?
Mar 31April Fools’ Lust
Apr 2Buried in Beauty
Apr 4Excuses! Excuses!
Apr 7The Downside of Being a Disney Princess
Apr 9Never! Never! Ever?
Apr 11Happy Honeymoons
Apr 14A Taxing Time with Tillie
Apr 16If at First You Don’t Succeed…
Apr 18Cat Napped
Apr 21Earthy Humor
Apr 23Worst Sex?
Apr 25She’s Branching Out for Arbor Day
Apr 28Horsing Around
Apr 30Winning by a Hair?
May 2Meanwhile, in the Batcave…
May 5Learning to Love
May 7Complicated Sex
May 9You Look So Familiar
May 11Mother’s Day 2024
May 12She’s So Loanly
May 14Wax On, Wax Off
May 16Ropa a Dopes
May 19Million Dollar Romance
May 21Deja Vu
May 23Don’t You Have Better Things to Do?
May 26A Fleeting Romance
May 28Handy Handsy Man
May 30Let’s Forget about Last Night
Jun 2Wendy Wisely
Jun 4One Last Kiss?
Jun 6Honeymoon Bliss
Jun 9Chess Mates
Jun 11Straight Talk
Jun 13Flag Day–Comic Book Style
Jun 15Thanks, Dad!
Jun 16A Message from Your Cat
Jun 18Juneteenth 2024
Jun 20Let’s Pretend
Jun 23The Sex Was Incredible, But…
Jun 25Spicy Burritos
Jun 27High Seas Honeymoon
Jun 30Patriotic Passion
Jul 2Uncle Sam? I Am!
Jul 3Fourth of July 2024
Jul 4Marrying Twins
Jul 7Instead of Marrying You…
Jul 9Their Relationship? It’s Stuck!
Jul 11I Don’t Know, But…
Jul 14I Love Loosely
Jul 16The Charming Ms. La Romp
Jul 18Major Ego