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Jan 1Men Who Look Like Me
Jan 3Comic Reality
Jan 6Order the Lobster
Jan 8I Draw Women
Jan 10Comic Lovers
Jan 13It’s Not All Your Fault! Or Is It?
Jan 14The Time of His Life
Jan 17Last Kiss: Hidden History!
Jan 18Last Kiss Party
Jan 20Equal, but…?
Jan 22I Can’t Marry Every Man
Jan 24Dear Mr. Last Kiss
Jan 27I’m All Yours
Jan 29Good for…Her?
Jan 31People Who Aren’t as Smart as You
Feb 3Look at Mom
Feb 5Holy Sex?
Feb 7Last Kiss Secrets
Feb 10Going Postal
Feb 12A Tasteful Valentine
Feb 14Siren Sex
Feb 17She Hit the Mother Lode
Feb 19Wabbit Season
Feb 21Too Much Love?
Feb 24Sex Education
Feb 26Date Me
Feb 28Recycled Romeos!
Mar 3No, Divorce? No Remorse!
Mar 5Stop Crying
Mar 7Becoming a Canadian Mountie
Mar 10Puppy Love
Mar 12Canine Catastrophe
Mar 14Tasty Leprechaun Love
Mar 17Smell the Love
Mar 19Being Fabulous
Mar 21Sexy Comic Essence
Mar 24First Woman Dated?
Mar 26Family Fright Night
Mar 28Lotta Von Tramp
Mar 31April’s No Fool
Apr 2Sibling Sub?
Apr 4Jeepers Peepers
Apr 7Disgusting Pervert or…a Fan?
Apr 9That’s Awfully Knife of You
Apr 11Copping A Date
Apr 14The Infernal Revenue Service
Apr 16Bunny Power
Apr 18Egg-citing
Apr 18Meet Ms. Miserable
Apr 21Best Surprises
Apr 23Free Love
Apr 28Rancho Raunchy
Apr 30Fly Away
May 2Weekend Wedding? Wahoo!
May 5Rocky the Squirrelly
May 7Mother So Superior
May 9Mother’s Day Goes to the Dogs
May 11Tough On Your Mother
May 14Cinderella’s Slip
May 16Sex for Nitwits
May 19Free Love?
May 21No Pretentious Phonies
May 23Too Much Mom?
May 26If Only it Was this Easy–and Safe
May 28Wedding Sex
May 30Hurry Up and Marry Me
Jun 2See Straight?
Jun 4Groucho’s Greatest Gala
Jun 6Comics to the Rescue
Jun 9Sex? Wrong for You?
Jun 11I Don’t Like You! Or Do I?
Jun 13The Expectant Father’s Club
Jun 15Father’s Day? Dance!
Jun 18Hands Up, Chest Out
Jun 20Nighty-Night Nurse to the Rescue
Jun 23Young and Beautiful…Plus Me
Jun 25Sex? The Eternal Optimist!
Jun 27The Last Kiss Zone
Jun 29Cheap Affairs
Jul 2Uncle Sam’s Secret
Jul 3Happy Fourth
Jul 4Smoking Hot Lust
Jul 7Monday Morning Madness
Jul 9Gag Me
Jul 11Atomic Mutant Love
Jul 14Sex Stars Only
Jul 16Sex Toys
Jul 17John Lustig at Comic-Con 2019
Jul 18Meow! Meow!
Jul 21Happy?
Jul 23Rules to Play Bi?
Jul 25The Last Kiss Total Desperation Dating Service
Jul 28Sex Slip Up?
Jul 30Bunk Mates
Aug 1Love at First Flight
Aug 4Fill in the Punchline
Aug 6Three Stories Down, One Ending
Aug 8Welcome to Romanceville
Aug 11Booze? Better!
Aug 13Love? Scary Stuff!
Aug 15Secret Origin of the Six Dollar Man
Aug 18Your Wife’s Doppelgänger
Aug 21Pregnant with Hope
Aug 22The Unlikeliest Superhero of All
Aug 25Lover Confusion
Aug 27Beautiful Lies
Aug 29Ms. Sniff
Sep 1My Labor Day Project
Sep 3How to Score in Sports without Scoring
Sep 5What Is Your Super Power?
Sep 8Are You Perfect?
Sep 10The Magic of Being Me
Sep 12Black Cat Friday
Sep 15Sex Goddess
Sep 17Lady and the Von Tramp
Sep 19Birthday Sex
Sep 22I’ll Never Lie to You
Sep 24Rocky Wins a Close One
Sep 26Hounded
Sep 29Other Woman?
Oct 1Love is in the Air
Oct 3Too Bashful to Boff
Oct 6Guilty? Not Me!
Oct 8Royal Revenge
Oct 10Mr. Not Quite Right
Oct 13Hounded
Oct 15Make America Pretty Again
Oct 17The Legion of Superfluous Heroes
Oct 20A Spot? That Sucks!
Oct 22Grave Concerns
Oct 23Heady Preparations
Oct 24Breaking Up Is So Hard to Do
Oct 25Haunted Headlights
Oct 26Hot Date
Oct 27Devilish Deliveries
Oct 28Mindless Sex
Oct 29No Excuses
Oct 30Cosplay Cat-astrophe
Oct 31Stoned Love
Nov 3Garfield in Love
Nov 5Ban Them All
Nov 7Bond! Jane Bond!!
Nov 10Have a Super Veterans Day
Nov 12Romance Among the Stars
Nov 14Nerd Necessities
Nov 16Unhand Me
Nov 19Will It Scare You?
Nov 21Randy Sales
Nov 24Dumped without a Slump
Nov 26Thankful for a Friend
Nov 27Thanksgiving? Already?!!
Nov 28Bargain Lust
Dec 1Sex Scene
Dec 3Comic Book Eyes
Dec 5Flower Power
Dec 8Mute Makeout?
Dec 10Accidental Lover
Dec 12A Bucketful of Bad Luck
Dec 15Christmas Spirit
Dec 17Christmas Amnesia
Dec 19All I Want for Christmas…
Dec 22Menor, Ah Amour
Dec 23Kissing Santa
Dec 24The Season’s Bare Essentials
Dec 26Someday Somehow Someway
Dec 29How to Celebrate 2020
Dec 31I Can See Clearly Now…