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Jan 3The Naked Truth
Jan 4Give Him Credit?
Jan 7Vixen Von Tramp
Jan 10Comics or Romance?
Jan 12You’re a Woman? Lucky You!
Jan 14Kid Me Not
Jan 17Look Out World
Jan 19Watta Shame!
Jan 21I’m Priceless
Jan 25Contest
Jan 26Outta My Way!
Jan 28June In January
Jan 31Three’s a Crowd! Two…Ain’t Enough!
Feb 2Dancing for Dates
Feb 4Momma’s Delicate Condition
Feb 6Lie to Me! Please!!!
Feb 9Half-Price Love!
Feb 11Postage Due, Valentine!
Feb 15Gordon Pyke Wins Contest; Guest Caption by Orson Scott Card
Feb 16You Interest Me!
Feb 18I Like People, But…
Feb 21It’s Not Just Sex…
Feb 23M-M-Magic F-F-Fingers!
Feb 25Dog Not So Gone
Feb 28All I Want Is You
Mar 2Stimulate Me
Mar 4What’ll They Think of Next?
Mar 7Let’s Pretend
Mar 9Department of Homeland Romances
Mar 11Dental Delusions
Mar 14I Love You! Honest!
Mar 16Sailor Beware
Mar 18Sex for Nitwits
Mar 21Bad Girl, Good Time!
Mar 23Tattoo Adieu!
Mar 25Queen of the Worrywarts!
Mar 28Family (Sorta) Planning!
Mar 30She’s Mastered Her Tasks!
Apr 1Honeymoon Blues
Apr 4Virgin Foiled — Not Soiled!
Apr 6Hot Enough for You?
Apr 8What’s for Breakfast?
Apr 11Good News! I Like Your Mom!
Apr 13You’re Amazing, Grace!
Apr 15Picnic Delights
Apr 19Budgeting For Love
Apr 20Fast Food Romance
Apr 22Are Comics Fattening?
Apr 25Let’s Hear It for…Me!
Apr 27Daddy’s Girl
Apr 29Ask Mr. Last Kiss
May 2Happy Hour
May 4A Beautiful Mind…and Body!
May 6You’re Mom’s Best Gift
May 9A World without Men?
May 11Deluxe Lip Service
May 13I Love…Who?
May 16Widow Part 1
May 17Widow Miss Muffet, Part 2
May 18Widow Miss Muffet, Part 3
May 19Widow Miss Muffet Part 4
May 20Widow Miss Muffet, Part 5
May 22Daisy Dewknot
May 23Widow Miss Muffet Part 6
May 24Widow Miss Muffet, Part 7
May 25Widow Miss Muffet Part 8
May 26Widow Miss Muffet, Part 9
May 27Widow Miss Muffet Part 10
May 30Love Yourself
May 31Widow Miss Muffet Part 11
Jun 1Widow Miss Muffet, Part 12
Jun 2Widow Miss Muffet, Part 13
Jun 3Widow Miss Muffet Part 14
Jun 4Widow Miss Muffet, Part 15 — Final Episode!
Jun 6Passion Aggression?
Jun 8Horrorscope?
Jun 10Sewer Me
Jun 13Allergic to Men?
Jun 15And the Award for Humblest Girlfriend Goes To…
Jun 17Don’t Ask, Dad! Don’t Tell, Mom!
Jun 20Meat Defeat
Jun 22Sticks and Stones
Jun 24iPad, I Guess!
Jun 27The Fast Lane to Reality TV? Unreal!
Jun 29Better Than 3D! It’s Real Life!
Jul 1Under Where?
Jul 4Fourth of July Lust
Jul 6Sunblock? How Crude!
Jul 8No Problemo? No Braino!
Jul 12I Feel for You
Jul 13Oil Pops
Jul 15Macho Men
Jul 18I’m Real! How about You?
Jul 19Addicted to Facebook?
Jul 23If He’s Perfect…
Jul 25Death Becomes Her Again
Jul 27Drink Now, Drunk Later
Jul 29Facebook Romance? Stumbleupon Divorce!
Aug 1The Trouble With Men
Aug 3Nature Abhors My Cat…Vacuuming
Aug 5Being Fabulous
Aug 8Foreign Food Manners
Aug 10And for Dessert…
Aug 12The Secret Ingredients
Aug 15Sky High Trippin’
Aug 17And Here’s the Pitch…
Aug 19Free Love
Aug 22Make-Up, Make Out?
Aug 24Grand Slam
Aug 26Riding the Rails…
Aug 29World’s Worst Hypnotist
Aug 31Cinderella Gone Wild
Sep 2A Kiss without Kids
Sep 5Doggone Love
Sep 7Comic Book Lovers
Sep 9Steaming-Hot Love on a Plate
Sep 12Weddings Make Me Cry
Sep 14Wedded Bliss Gone Amiss
Sep 16Family Nicknames
Sep 19Mom vs Freud
Sep 21Better than the Truth
Sep 23Return of the Scarf People
Sep 26Deja Vu Again
Sep 28Facebook Quiz — Gee Whiz!
Sep 30Don’t Be Paranoid
Oct 3The Plane Truth
Oct 4Friends Indeed
Oct 7Hailing the Starship Enterprise
Oct 10Let’s Pretend
Oct 12My Politician is a Better Liar Than Yours!
Oct 14The Proposal
Oct 17Wonder Woman Day Benefit Art: Chocolate Peril
Oct 19Wonder Woman Day Benefit Art: Bare, Bath and Beyond!
Oct 21That’s Right! Be Happy?
Oct 24Zombie Shopping List
Oct 26The Ultimate Last Kiss
Oct 28Brain Boy
Oct 31Tonight’s The Night
Nov 2Mommy Proudest
Nov 4With Great Power Comes…Stan Lee
Nov 7Disgusting? I Hope So!
Nov 9Welcome to Virgin Err
Nov 11Wonder Woman Loses It!
Nov 14I’m Not Short! I’m Just Drawn This Way
Nov 16The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is…
Nov 18Making Do…Until the Economy Improves
Nov 21Mother Doesn’t Know Best
Nov 23Thanksgiving Right Now!
Nov 25Virgin Values
Nov 28Just Inject the Caffeine Directly into My Veins
Dec 1Sex Education Dropout
Dec 2H-H-Holey Condoms
Dec 5Time Travel Works!
Dec 7And Now, a Word from the Woman on the Street…
Dec 8Cheezy Pickup Line #1.
Dec 12Imaginary Sex
Dec 14Earn Miles with Every Kiss
Dec 16Naughty Or Nice
Dec 19Dont Ask! Santa Knows!
Dec 21The World’s Sexiest Santa Hat?
Dec 23Getting Her Jollies
Dec 26Me? Innocent?
Dec 28Risqué Business
Dec 31New Year’s Resolution: Stop Being a Floozy