A tale of nun-sense written by my pal Tony Isabella!

Adventures in A.I.

The vast majority of Last Kiss art is based on old panels of published comic book art. But over the last year I’ve been experimenting with A.I. art. And occasionally it’s found its way into Last Kiss.

This one started like this. Tony Isabella wrote to be with an idea: “John…I thought I would give you another A.I. challenge. The image should be of a deliriously happy man looking at his wife dressed as a sexy nun. The wife, not the guy.”

This turned out to be a surprisingly difficult challenge. A.I. content generator MidJourney wouldn’t accept any prompt with both the words “nun” and “sexy.” (Or any synonym for “sexy.”) It kept placing the nun and man inside a church. And the man? MidJourney kept dressing him as a priest. Clearly, this wouldn’t work with Tony’s gag.

It took many attempts and changes in prompt verbiage to come up with the art for today’s comic. (Instead of a priest, the man now looks more like James Bond.)

Anyway, I thought readers might enjoy seeing the a few of my initial attempts at the art:


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Inside a home. A man (dressed in a suit) is talking to a woman in a sexy nun's costume.

MAN: Gosh!

WOMAN: We’re playing “The Virginal Choir Boy and the Naughty Nun.” That’s why I’m wearing my bad habit. Your choir robe is in the bedroom.

CAPTION: Joe loved Cosplay Night!

Art: A.I. Magic Writer: Tony Isabella