Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from the story “That Lonely Sound” in First Kiss #36, Feb. 1964. Charlton. The story begins on Page 14.

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Synopsis of the original 1964 story courtesy of comicbookplus:

People say the haunting quality of Bonnie Rand’s voice was what sold records. But the heartbreak in her voice was not feigned. Bonnie would like to quit, but the people whose livelihood depends on her success keep her working. The exception to those people is Jack Orcutt, who sees how her career is ruining her chance for happiness.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman walking alone down a city street at night (or dusk or very early dawn) in red high heels and a long red & yellow coat.

WOMAN: Men are like new shoes. Some pinch and are big heels. But I keep hoping for a sole mate...or at least a decent fit!

1964 Art: Vince Colletta Studio Color: Allen Freeman
Bigfoot: John Lustig