This was just a silly idea I couldn’t resist. So I whipped up the image–combining some Last Kiss art with some clipart for the bunny as well as the background.

No, IHOP didn’t pay me (not even in pancakes) to do this. And Bunnies for Happiness isn’t a real thing. (But it should be.)

More Easter silliness this Sunday with a new Last Kiss!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Penciller unknown. Inker Sal Gentile. From the cover of Romantic Story #118, April 1972. (No link to the vintage comic book this time because the comic isn’t available online.)


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman smiling at a bunny (the Easter Bunny) as he happily hops in a forested field.

WOMAN: After you deliver Easter eggs where do you go to celebrate?


1972 Inker of Woman: Sal Gentile New Inks & Color for Woman: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Bunny Art & Color: Moko Background by Curved Design
Suddenly Hungry for Pancakes: John Lustig