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Jan 1Happy 2013
Jan 3Kinky Sex for 2013
Jan 6No Married Men
Jan 8Paint Me Nude
Jan 10The War Against Men
Jan 13How to be Happy
Jan 15Shopping for Success
Jan 17Tell-All Sex Books
Jan 20Passive-Aggressive Revenge is Sweet
Jan 22Brieanna is…CattyWoman!
Jan 24Happy Birthday to Me
Jan 26Darth Mutter: Her Force is Strong
Jan 27I Don’t Sleep with Just Anyone
Jan 29Cindy’s Shoe Fetish
Jan 31Right to be Wrong
Feb 2Snow White Has Drifted
Feb 3I Don’t Cheat…Much!
Feb 7Dangerous Dope
Feb 9Zatanna Revealed
Feb 10Help!
Feb 12Cupid? Beware!
Feb 14Who’s Happy Now?
Feb 17He’s a Sport
Feb 19Tea Party for One
Feb 21I’m Sorry, But…
Feb 24Zombie Dearest
Feb 26Couple-Up Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli
Feb 28Champagne Poser
Mar 3And the Solution Is…
Mar 5Another Winner? Just This Once!
Mar 7A Passion For Sharing
Mar 10Dirty Mind—a Shame?
Mar 12Caffeine Fiend?
Mar 14Tall, Tempting and Very Irish
Mar 17Sex Isn’t a Game
Mar 19No, I Can’t Keep a Secret
Mar 21I Want to Sleep With…
Mar 22Catch Me If You Can
Mar 25Too Old for You
Mar 27Easter Basket Case
Mar 30Easter Bunny Beware
Mar 31Sex is a Fantasy
Apr 2Date Hugh Hefner? You Can’t Play, Girl!
Apr 4Candy Ain’t Dandy
Apr 7Heads Or Tails Sex
Apr 9Young Love
Apr 11Sex? Who Calls?
Apr 14Lucky, Special You
Apr 16How Dare You Date
Apr 18Good News?
Apr 21Science Fiction Girl
Apr 23Lust? Not This Time, Buster!
Apr 25Sleeping with Friends
Apr 28Whine Cooler
Apr 30Shopping for Sex
May 2Love to Share
May 5Willing to Pretend
May 7She is a Ringer
May 9Porn to Lose
May 12Am I Rich?
May 12Am I Rich?
May 14Maid for Life!
May 16No Phone Sex
May 19Dear Mr. Last Kiss
May 21Give Him Credit?
May 23Left to Her Sexy Wits
May 26Me? Moody?
May 28Science or Fiction?
May 30Love Me Tender—Or Else!
Jun 1Look Out, World!
Jun 4So Proud of You
Jun 6Incredible? That’s Hot!
Jun 9The Mystery of Babies
Jun 11How to Find a Man
Jun 13National I’ve-Had-Sex Day
Jun 16Hands On Learning
Jun 18Worst Sex Ever?
Jun 20Casual Sex Fridays?
Jun 23Last Kiss Couple-Up Contest #2 with Mike Grell
Jun 25Old-Fashioned Fun
Jun 27Strip Chess
Jun 30Foreplay for the Fourth
Jul 2Yankee Doodle Randy
Jul 4Couple-Up Contest #2: Winner
Jul 7Paternity Greetings
Jul 9Happy Medium
Jul 11Sex Advice
Jul 14Uncertain Sex
Jul 16Read Faster—Again!
Jul 18The Blame Game
Jul 21Sex: Once Upon a Time
Jul 23Itty, Bitty, Teeny-Weeny! Oh, no! Is that Your Dinghy?
Jul 25Mom was Right
Jul 28On the Way to the Future
Jul 30The Trouble with Men
Aug 1Marriage? Maybe?
Aug 4Infant Income
Aug 6Fight for Sex
Aug 8Mean Cuisine?
Aug 11Sunset Surprise
Aug 13Grim for the Groom
Aug 15My Little Pony?
Aug 18Phallic Fumble
Aug 20The Hair Apparent
Aug 22Are You a Manly Man?
Aug 25Stand-In Stud
Aug 27Not Just Sex
Aug 29Now We’re Cooking
Sep 1Labor Day with Hercules
Sep 3Civilization? No Thanks!
Sep 5Shootout at the Love’s OK Corral
Sep 8Feline Friend—or Fiend?
Sep 11The Not-So-Lonely Ranger
Sep 12I Am Sex Curious
Sep 15Writing a Best Seller
Sep 17The Adventures of Low Self-Esteem Girl
Sep 19Affair on Overtime
Sep 22Worst Divorce Terms Ever
Sep 24Death by Desire?
Sep 26A+ Hanky Panky
Sep 29Wax On, Idiot Off
Oct 1Romance in the Air
Oct 3No Lie?
Oct 6Amnesia?
Oct 8Layoff Lust
Oct 10Downside of Dating a Lawyer
Oct 13Sponge Bobbed
Oct 15Trust Me…or Wikipedia?
Oct 17Sexpert
Oct 20No Housework—Ever!
Oct 22Three Drinks Ago…
Oct 25Vampire Wedding
Oct 27Affirmative Fang Action
Oct 29Last Hiss
Oct 31My Sex Life
Nov 3How Lost is Lost?
Nov 5Your Friends With Benefits
Nov 7Oversexed?
Nov 10Beyond Blonde
Nov 12Pill Time
Nov 14Faceoff
Nov 17The Curious Case of the Missing Underwear
Nov 19Call Me Horny
Nov 21Welcome to Scotch Land
Nov 24Nuts to You
Nov 26First Thanksgiving Gobble
Nov 28Happiness Achieved
Dec 1First Date Jitters
Dec 3Age Doesn’t Matter—Much
Dec 5Not Cheating On You
Dec 8Twice Over Easy
Dec 10All in Her Family
Dec 12All Yours…for Now
Dec 15Holy Dirt
Dec 17Marry for Money
Dec 19If I Was a Gift…
Dec 22Not So Jolly with Holly
Dec 24What Santa Doesn’t Know
Dec 26Wild Nurse Whoopee
Dec 29A Nurse a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!
Dec 31New Year’s Resolution #163