More Valentine fun from Mike (Lover Boy) Pascale! One more Valentine gag to go. See you tomorrow!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Pencils by Bob Powell in the story “I Was the Loneliest Girl In School” from Hi-School Romance #3, Feb. 1950. Harvey Comics. The story starts on Page 11.

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man (who looks a lot like Jimmy Olsen) and a angry woman (who sorta looks like Lois Lane) are talking.

MAN: You don’t like the Valentine candy I gave you?!!

WOMAN: You ate half! And nibbled on the rest!

MAN: But, sweetie, I only ate make sure they were good enough for you!

1950 Pencils: Bob Powell Re-ink & Color: Allen Freeman
New Facial Expressions Mike Pascale
Humor: Mike Pascale & John Lustig