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Jan 1Sex RX
Jan 3Sexy, Irresistible Me
Jan 5Best Kisser!
Jan 8Twin Sister Wedding
Jan 10Everyone Seems Nice, But…
Jan 12Friday the 13th? Unlucky Pussy Cat!
Jan 15Honeymoon Express
Jan 17But I May Be Your Sister
Jan 19My Hero?
Jan 22I’m an Evil Mastermind…with Heart
Jan 24Sometimes I Think
Jan 26Brussels Sprouts or…Worse?
Jan 28She’s Hot
Jan 31Sexy, Young & Alone? That’s Rich
Feb 2I’ll Never Sleep with You
Feb 5Switching Orgasms
Feb 7The Origin of Tattoo Face™
Feb 9Roses Make Me Swoon, But…
Feb 12Valentine Sex?
Feb 14I Like the Way You Sleep
Feb 16Pervert Prison
Feb 19Advice That’s Sick
Feb 21Revenge or Romance?
Feb 23Poked by a Pal
Feb 26Super Villain Sex
Feb 28Psst! It’s Time!
Mar 2Dirty & Dapper
Mar 5Romance by the Book
Mar 7Bi All Means, Yes!
Mar 9Rotten Romance
Mar 12Saddle Sore Sex
Mar 14Failing Sex Ed
Mar 16Welcome to LepreCon
Mar 19Superhero Exposed
Mar 21Fake Sex
Mar 23Are We Married Yet?
Mar 26Kissing the Bride
Mar 28Darkroom Developments
Mar 30April Fool’s Sex
Apr 2No Turns for You
Apr 4Face My Face
Apr 6No Longer Evil!
Apr 9Speed Dating—On Steroids!
Apr 11Better Than Chocolate
Apr 12No Carrot for You
Apr 13Bunny Love
Apr 16Not Always Perfect
Apr 18The Secret Ingredient
Apr 20Drooling Dames
Apr 23Stranger Danger
Apr 25Dear Diary: I Confess
Apr 27Sleep with Me?
Apr 30A Law Against Love
May 2Last Kiss Goes to the Movies
May 4Phone-y Terror
May 7And the Answer is…No!!!
May 9So Rich, So Famous, So…Me
May 1124-Carat Callers
May 14Call Me…Happy!
May 16A Writer’s Date Night
May 18Other People’s Weddings
May 21Virgin Territory
May 23A No-Fault Wedding
May 25No Lie?
May 28Memorial Day
May 30True Love—This Time
Jun 1Don’t Confuse Me with the Truth
Jun 4Our Kids Are Fishy
Jun 6Merely Stunning
Jun 8Newsprint Nonsense
Jun 11Tie Me Up Next, Please
Jun 13Fancy Flag Day
Jun 15Put on Your Boots! It’s Father’s Day!
Jun 18My Pulsing Passion
Jun 20Proud Papa
Jun 22Too Sexy For…
Jun 25Sleeping with Strangers?
Jun 27A Novel Wedding
Jun 29Yes, Yes, Ninotchka!
Jul 2Give Me Liberty! Or…
Jul 3Wham! Bam! Thank You, Sam!
Jul 6A Rich Relationship
Jul 9Oh, Goody!
Jul 11I Like Older Women
Jul 13Doing Chin Ups
Jul 16Sex? Tonight?
Jul 18Damp Dormammu
Jul 20100 Percent, Almost Truthful
Jul 23Marry One, Get Two
Jul 25Appointment for Love
Jul 27Titillating Tears?
Jul 30Super Villain Sex
Aug 1Super Orgasma-Tron 6900
Aug 3Tramp Steamy
Aug 6Sexy Me
Aug 8When Politicians Get Confused
Aug 10I Will Survive
Aug 13Not Just Dirty—Really Dirty!
Aug 15He’ll Drink to That
Aug 17Life Is Short, But…
Aug 20Funny Ha Ha?
Aug 22From Now On I’m Gay
Aug 24A Boy Kissed Me
Aug 27Love to Loan
Aug 29Ring Me Up
Aug 31A Model Diet Plan
Sep 3Labor Day Sex
Sep 5Selling Himself Short
Sep 7No Woman Can Resist Me
Sep 10Dutch Treat
Sep 12Order the Passion Plate Special
Sep 14I Want Time and a Half! Plus Combat Pay!
Sep 17Men Are Good
Sep 19I’m Shocked By Sex
Sep 21I Have a System…for Romance
Sep 24Sleep? It’s a Sin-Onym
Sep 26What Is This Strange Feeling?
Sep 28Voices in My Head
Oct 1Wedding Wow
Oct 3Sometimes I Forget
Oct 5Beautiful Last Kiss Women
Oct 8I Left Out Some Men
Oct 10Challenged by Sex
Oct 12Don’t Grade Me
Oct 15Dancing with the Scars
Oct 17Total Patient Care
Oct 19Bad News Bared
Oct 22Dirt-Cheap Customers
Oct 24Halloween Advice from Your Cat
Oct 26Flying Fright Class? Have a Bloody Mary!
Oct 29Halloween with Heart
Oct 31Sweet Dreams
Nov 2So Far, So Good
Nov 5Sexy You
Nov 7A Striking Friendship
Nov 9Sweet Greet for the Fleet
Nov 12Am I Bad?
Nov 14Ex Marks the Spot
Nov 16Private Secretary vs Private Wife
Nov 19My, My…Oh, My!
Nov 21Thanksgiving? You Bet!
Nov 23You Deserve the Best, But…
Nov 26Double-Minded Sex
Nov 28The Naked (Ugh) Truth?
Nov 30Spider Killer
Dec 3Life’s a Dog
Dec 5You’re Just Like My Old Girlfriend
Dec 7Randy Raiders
Dec 10Cheap Sex
Dec 12Santa’s Other Toy Department
Dec 14Sorry, Santa!
Dec 17Christmas Cat Traditions
Dec 18Santa Smooching
Dec 19You Make Me Hot
Dec 20I’m Not Dreaming of…That!
Dec 21Giving Credit Where It’s Due
Dec 22I Believe in Christmas
Dec 23Santa Claws Is Coming
Dec 24Buy Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Dec 26Wait for Sex?
Dec 28Happy Ending
Dec 31I’m Happy—Okay?