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Jan 1Designated Loser
Jan 4Mommy’s Job
Jan 6Cat Town
Jan 8The Desperate Date Dress
Jan 11I Don’t Lie! And That’s Mostly True!
Jan 13Pimple Puss
Jan 15Put Up Your Dukes
Jan 18You Really Like Me
Jan 20His Last Kiss?
Jan 22Happy Together?
Jan 25Wait! Who Am I?
Jan 27Grope Therapy
Jan 29Wrong Choice, Right?
Feb 1Romance by the Book
Feb 3My Favorite Husband
Feb 5So Bad, So Good!
Feb 8Clueless
Feb 8Trust Me!
Feb 10Cupid to the Rescue
Feb 12Valentine Bliss
Feb 15Not Married?
Feb 17Don’t Trust Women
Feb 19Fact or Sexy Fiction?
Feb 22Fifty Shades—or More!
Feb 24Drink Sex
Feb 26Love Sick
Mar 1A Kiss Most Fowl
Mar 3Mother? Maybe!
Mar 5Clueless?
Mar 8Trust Me
Mar 10Whose Fault?
Mar 12She’s Half Right
Mar 15Charms of the Wee Folk
Mar 17World’s Worst Birth Announcement
Mar 19Married? Maybe!
Mar 22Narcissistic Lass
Mar 24Love Is Blind
Mar 26Let’s Compromise
Mar 29Not Naked? Fun!
Mar 31April Fool, You!
Apr 2E-e-easter Ch-Chills
Apr 5Marriage for Beginners
Apr 7Love Me, Love Your Hat
Apr 9Knotty Surprise Party
Apr 12Sex Ed for Virgins
Apr 14Book Lust
Apr 16The Big O? Big Dud!
Apr 19Marriage Questions
Apr 21It’s George Jetson Time
Apr 23Love in a Virgin Forest
Apr 26Do Women Enjoy Sex
Apr 28Oozing Evil?
Apr 30Booze to the Rescue
May 3Who’s the Boss
May 5Mother Very Superior
May 7Mother’s Day? So Unfair!
May 10He Gropes Alone
May 12Dynamite Divorce
May 14Job Benefits
May 17It’s Not My Fault
May 19Kissing Cousins—and More?
May 21Puppy Love
May 24Teacher’s Pet
May 26A Helpful Suggestion?
May 28Maid to Please
May 31She’s a Rose by any other Name
Jun 2Feeling Shy?
Jun 4Men Are Like…
Jun 7Devilish Sex
Jun 9Naked? Let’s Wait!
Jun 11Eating on Empty
Jun 14Can’t Wait to Sleep with You
Jun 16Mommy’s Special Book
Jun 18First Time Dad
Jun 21Orgasms? Natural Or…
Jun 23Almost Not Pregnant
Jun 25Safe at Home
Jun 28Instant (Almost) Gay Marriage
Jun 30Fireworks in Your Mind
Jul 2Cry Uncle?
Jul 5The Ultimate Love Potion
Jul 6Cloudy with a Chance of Comics
Jul 9Be Happy
Jul 12Enchanted Frog Prince?
Jul 14Crazy About You
Jul 16Kissing Women
Jul 19You Remind Me of Mom
Jul 21Full-Lip Smooch
Jul 23Honeymoon Hopes
Jul 26The Truth about Lying
Jul 28Pucker Up!
Jul 30Happy to the End
Aug 2Well-Dressed Skinny Dipping
Aug 4The Naked Truth
Aug 6Legally Great
Aug 9Good Vibrations
Aug 11Girls are Icky! Except…
Aug 13Girl, You’re a Genius!
Aug 16Who Am I Sleeping With?
Aug 18Mistaken Sex
Aug 20No Gay Sex?
Aug 23100-Percent Faithful
Aug 24Bucky’s Up for Chuck
Aug 27Cheer Up
Aug 30No Sex, Please! We’re Married!
Sep 1So, You Believe Me?
Sep 3I’m a Virgin
Sep 6Why Do I Have to Work So Hard?
Sep 8Cooking Sex
Sep 10Delivered with a Smile
Sep 13The Women Men Marry…
Sep 15On the Edge of Love
Sep 17Wait! Wait! Now!
Sep 20Underwear Somewhere
Sep 22Perfect? You Wish!
Sep 24Curfew Is Nunsense
Sep 27Faithful? Try Harder!
Sep 29Boy? Girl? Or…?
Oct 1You Remind Me of Me
Oct 4You Smell? Good!
Oct 6I’m Not That Kind of Girl
Oct 8We’ve Got to Elope—Faster!
Oct 11More Caffeine
Oct 13The Son Comes Out Tomorrow
Oct 15Do-It-Yourself Sex Ed
Oct 18Head of the Class
Oct 20Free Drinks for Every Body!
Oct 22I Dig Dracula
Oct 25Sorry, Bela!
Oct 27Bob Is Different
Oct 29No Necking!
Nov 1Waiting for You
Nov 3Boy Trouble
Nov 5I Trust You Forever—for Now
Nov 8Sex at Any Speed
Nov 10Good News for Him? Or Her?
Nov 12Politics as Usual?
Nov 15Deep, Deep Soul Kiss
Nov 17True Love?
Nov 19Blind Date Lust
Nov 22Phoney Phallic Symbol
Nov 24Thanksgiving Faux Pas
Nov 26After That Big Thanksgiving Dinner…
Nov 29Her Taste in Men
Dec 1Our Hero Gets Trumped
Dec 3Comics to the Rescue
Dec 6Once Is Enough?
Dec 8I’m Yours—in Your Imagination
Dec 10No Sleep for the Sexy
Dec 13Passion Play
Dec 15What I Want in a Lover
Dec 17High on Life
Dec 20Naughty Is Nice
Dec 22The Best Gift of All?
Dec 24Merry, Marry Christmas
Dec 27Turned Down
Dec 29Doggone Men?
Dec 31A Romantic New Year’s Resolution