Here’s the first of four Easter comics that I’ll be posting this week. This one written with my frequent partner in hilarity Mike Pascale.

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Ken Rice from the story “Too Smart for Love” in Ten-Story Love #204, Sept. 1955. Ace Magazines. Curious to see more? Click the link to read the entire vintage comic book.

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: The Easter Bunny is tired of sounding like an uncouth cottontail...and a boorish backwoods dumb bunny!

(Cruel people have even called him “hare-brained!”)

So he’s taking elocution lessons from that paragon of precise pronunciation: Eliza Do Little!

SCENE: The Easter Bunny is talking to a woman sitting at a desk.

EASTER BUNNY (singing): Randy rabbits rapidly race to rescue...rascal raccoons in Rio...from ransacking roadrunner robbers!

WOMAN: Good! Now sing it three times...backwards...while hopping...with your basket full of eggs!

1955 Art (of woman): Ken Rice Re-ink & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Eggcelent Writers: Mike Pascale & John Lustig