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Jan 2Am Gullible, Will Travel
Jan 4Who’s Upset? Not Me!
Jan 6Mixed Signals
Jan 9Check Mate?
Jan 11Facebook Me, Baby!
Jan 13Don’t Feel Guilty
Jan 16Direct Deposit Birthdays
Jan 18Bare Business!
Jan 20Under Where? Not There!
Jan 23Steal My Heart? No Problem!
Jan 25Instant Old Friends
Jan 27Let’s Fly Away!
Jan 30Psychic Romance In Your Future
Feb 1Weighting for the Wedding
Feb 3Remotely Controlled
Feb 4No phone? Have a Phone-y!
Feb 8Speedy Love
Feb 10That’s Right! You’re Wrong!
Feb 13“Racing Toward Heartbreak” Animation on YouTube
Feb 15Maiden Voyage
Feb 17Together Forever
Feb 20Men Are Men! And Women Are…
Feb 22Twisted!
Feb 24Manly Man Cave
Feb 27You Can’t Have Him!
Mar 1Romance Comic Cravings
Mar 3Nerd Dating
Mar 6I Don’t Want to Steal, But…
Mar 8Cavity Search and Found
Mar 10Fantastic Flattery
Mar 13I’ll Marry You (Probably) Someday!
Mar 15Blind Date? Surprise!
Mar 17Happy Together
Mar 20‘Til Kaboom Do Us Part!
Mar 22Star Trekked?
Mar 24One Kiss, Two Questions!
Mar 27Job Interview—Passed!
Mar 29How Old Should I Be?
Mar 31Sushi Attack
Apr 3Innocent Again for the First Time
Apr 5Beware the Romance Tax!
Apr 7Honeymoon for Two?
Apr 10Dress to Invest
Apr 12Smoking…but not so hot!
Apr 14Happily Ever After
Apr 17Cocktail Therapy
Apr 19Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone, But…
Apr 22Sitting Pretty?
Apr 24Ms. Miserable
Apr 26It’s Not My Fault!
Apr 28Imaginary Women
May 1Be Your Evil Twin
May 3Too Sexy?
May 5A Mom with Pizzaz
May 8Mutter of the Bride
May 10Let’s Pretend…Marriage
May 12Remind Me Of Me
May 15Holy Hooters!
May 17Marrying for Love? You Bet!
May 19Who to Blame? Me!
May 20Rapture Ruptured
May 22Brutally, Modestly You!
May 24Dating for Dollars
May 26Your Birthday and Me
May 29No More Teachers! No More Books!
May 31Lusty Explorer
Jun 2Is that a Gun in Your Pocket Or…
Jun 5Playing Ball with the Stars
Jun 7Naked Parcheesi
Jun 9The Hangover, Part 3?
Jun 13Royal Wedding
Jun 14Too Happy To Be A Star
Jun 16The Hair Apparent
Jun 19First Date? Fabulous!
Jun 21The Joan Rivers School of Beauty
Jun 23Manly Fashion Alert
Jun 26Quit Smoking Again! And Again…
Jun 28The Punchline? Wait for it!
Jun 30Sex Advice From Your Florist
Jul 3C’mon, Baby, Light My Fuse
Jul 5Million Dollar Kiss
Jul 7Semi-Safe Sex
Jul 10I Never Sleep with Men
Jul 12Good News About Dad…and That Slut!
Jul 14Comic Con Insanity
Jul 17Looking for Romance? Good Luck!
Jul 19Room with a Nude
Jul 21Captain Muscles
Jul 24Romance! Sex! And…
Jul 26Complicated Sex
Jul 28Tuition Plan? Silly, Scary…and Way Outside the Box!
Jul 31Sex or Marriage?
Aug 2Beauty or Beast?
Aug 4TMI Mom
Aug 7Pregnant…Pause
Aug 9I’m Not Afraid to Change…My Underwear
Aug 11Mr. Sensitive
Aug 14No Panty Raid
Aug 16Dating Helps Me Forget
Aug 18Recycled Romeos
Aug 21Incredible Hulk At Bat
Aug 23Who Needs Makeup?
Aug 25I Used to Drink Before Dinner, But Then…
Aug 28National Stay Home and Get Lucky Day
Aug 30Death Before Dissed Goners
Sep 1A Little Flattery
Sep 4Time Rider
Sep 6Ignore Bizarro Facts
Sep 8What is This Strange Feeling?
Sep 10Ten Years Ago: 9-11
Sep 11I’m Not Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille
Sep 13No Sex In Sex Ed
Sep 15Honeymoon Swoon! So Soon?
Sep 18Birth of a Great Idea
Sep 20Foolproof Fooling Around
Sep 22Oh, Joy! Oh, Orgy!
Sep 25Fashion Fisticuffs
Sep 27Come Closer! No…Closer!
Sep 29A Vacation from Hangups
Oct 2My Scheme for Supreme Esteem
Oct 4Honey, You’re Already in My End Zone
Oct 6Love Our Dates, Except…
Oct 9Sex Equals Blockbuster Movie?
Oct 11Three Little Words She’s Dying to Hear
Oct 13Disturbing Love Advice from Your Mom
Oct 16Tip Waiter…and Wife?
Oct 18Dancing With The Stars
Oct 20The Perfect Excuse…Eventually!
Oct 23It Don’t Mean a Thing if You Don’t Have That Bling
Oct 25Leftovers Again
Oct 27Zombie Perfection
Oct 30Zombody to Watch Over Me
Nov 1We’ve Texted, Sexted and Now…
Nov 3Tell Me Everything…
Nov 6Bored for a Ring
Nov 8Flower Power: Sweet or Sour?
Nov 10Sex Seniority
Nov 13Beware of Babes
Nov 15Tatto Snafu
Nov 17Best Friends…Forever?
Nov 20Given Up Sleeping with Men
Nov 22Thankful for…Me!
Nov 24Sexual Time Warp
Nov 27Birthday Sex
Nov 29No Substitutes for Sex
Dec 1Wedding Wow
Dec 4Goodnight! Watta Kiss!
Dec 6The Problem of Sleeping with Men
Dec 8Poor Santa!
Dec 11The Secret to a Stress-Free Christmas
Dec 13We’ve Got Elves!
Dec 15Those Big Elf Ears!
Dec 18Sexy Help for Christmas
Dec 20Sexy Gifts from the North Pole
Dec 22Santa’s Extra-Naughty List
Dec 25Sit Down for Love
Dec 27Cheaper Than Sex
Dec 29Prepare to Takeoff