Another gag courtesy of my brother-in-law Rich Hernandez. Thanks, Rich!

Original Vintage Art & Text

One comic authority guessed that Matt Baker was the penciler of this art. Anther guessed that Vince Colletta penciled it. Both agreed that Colletta inked it. So I’m just crediting it to the Vince Colletta studio to cover my bases. (Colletta had a lot of different artists assisting him in his studio.) The art is from “His Face Before Me” in Romance Stories of True Love #51, Sept. 1958. Harvey Comics.

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman very close as they stare at each other. The woman seems alarmed. The man has one hand on the side of her face.

MAN: C’mon!
Just one more smooch!

WOMAN: A last kiss? B-but...That’s how I got pregnant last time!

1958 Art: Vince Colletta Studio Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Writer: Rich Hernandez

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