Original Vintage Art & Text

Art possibly by Jack Kamen from the cover of JoJo Congo King #16. June 1948. Fox Comics.

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↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Tarzan is about to rescue Jane from certain death for the 10th time this week when he discovers...

SCENE: A young woman is tied up and hanging by her ankles from a rope. Tarzan (holding a knife) and a lion are rushing towards her.

TARZAN: Wait!!! You aren’t Jane!

LION (thinks): Whoever she is--can I eat her?

YOUNG WOMAN: I’m Jann. I’m fillin’ in so Jane can get a break...from “certain death...”and WHAT she calls “%$#@ing rescue sex!” ...AND leapin’ Leopards! is that a banana in your pants or am I just EXTRA glad to see you?!

1948 Art: Jack Kamen? Jungle Jollies: John Lustig