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Jan 2Phone Survey Hall of Fame
Jan 5Diary Hopes
Jan 7Mom Was Right About Men
Jan 9Nightmare on Woke St.
Jan 12Holy Hooters
Jan 14Does Dancing Lead to Sex?
Jan 16Sex? It’s a Matter of Perspective!
Jan 19Super Booty Call
Jan 21National Stay in Bed Day
Jan 23Medium Rare Maid
Jan 26Seductive Smile
Jan 28That Cute Scientist
Jan 30Trophy Wife?
Feb 2Hunting for a Hubby? Mae-be!
Feb 4Try Happy?
Feb 6It’s Curtains for Drapery Doll
Feb 9Sweet Dark Love
Feb 11Richie, The Poor Little Rich Guy
Feb 12Oh, Baby!
Feb 13Strange Valentines
Feb 16Be Prepared
Feb 18Perfect Call
Feb 20Pack Up Your Troubles
Feb 23Cluttered Love
Feb 25Life on Other Planets
Feb 27Don’t Say It
Mar 1Scientific Male Fact
Mar 3Medical Opinion: You’re Dead Wrong
Mar 5Tooling Around
Mar 8Retiring Fashions
Mar 10The Story of a Man Named Brady
Mar 12Leprechaun Bar & Grin
Mar 15Rocking St. Paddy’s Day
Mar 17She’s Having a Ball
Mar 19What…Me Worry?
Mar 22Smart or Stupid?
Mar 24Fashion Review from Your Cat
Mar 26Those Lucky, Happy Hookers
Mar 29Full-Figured Fairy Tale
Mar 31Wedding Surprise
Apr 2Spirited Sex
Apr 5Distant Lust
Apr 7Getting the Royal Treatment
Apr 9Bunny Love
Apr 12Easter’s So Over
Apr 14Forbidden Lair
Apr 16Young and Foolish
Apr 19In the Weeds
Apr 21Save the Planet…and Me!
Apr 23Seedy Sex?
Apr 26Locked Love
Apr 28Sex You Can’t Forget
Apr 30Wipe Out
May 3May the Mask Be With You
May 5Breast Friends
May 7Motherly Anticipation
May 9Surprise! I’ve Learned to Knit!
May 10It Takes Time to Be This Naturally Beautiful
May 12Memories of a Better Me
May 14Their Romance is Booked
May 17Gunning for Love
May 19Love Story?
May 21Leg Cop
May 24Memorial Day 2020
May 26I’m Thinking About Sex
May 28Grocery Wars
May 31Super Proud
Jun 2Dancing for Comic Joy
Jun 4Super Education
Jun 7An Exciting, New Position
Jun 9Minute Man
Jun 11Goodbye Riverdale
Jun 13Flag Day 2020
Jun 14Don’t Worry. Be Happy!
Jun 16One of Us is Gay
Jun 18Dad Has a Monster of a Problem
Jun 20Father’s Day Delight
Jun 21She’s Everything He’s Ever Wanted in a Woman
Jun 23Let’s Share
Jun 25Last Kiss the Movie
Jun 28Hot Coffee & You
Jun 30Canada! Oh, Canada!
Jul 1Master of Ink–Joe Sinnott
Jul 2Fourth of July Passion
Jul 3Uncle Sam Battles On
Jul 4Fourth of July Encore
Jul 5Reality Show Romance
Jul 7Some Day My Prince Will Come
Jul 9Whistle? Stop!
Jul 12Vine Vixen
Jul 14A New (Tax) Day Dawns
Jul 16Imaginary Friend
Jul 19Not Naked Enough?
Jul 21Super Sisterhood
Jul 23Beware! Beach Monsters!
Jul 26Women Tell Me That A Lot
Jul 28Tattoo Terror
Jul 30I Lead a Simple Life
Aug 2Chicks with Tattoos
Aug 4Why You Should Watch Horror Movies
Aug 6Covid Solved
Aug 9Stuck in Toad Mode
Aug 11Hey, Give Me Credit
Aug 1350 Shades for Dummies
Aug 16Am I Turned On?
Aug 18Heavy Petting
Aug 20Holy Lust
Aug 23I Hate to Brag, But…
Aug 24Marry…You?
Aug 25Jack Kirby & Marvel Romance Redux, Part 1
Aug 27Jack Kirby & Marvel Romance Redux, Part 2
Aug 30The Society of Slightly Useful Heroes
Sep 1Well Blow Me Down
Sep 3Panting by the Numbers
Sep 6Labor Day of Love
Sep 8Golden Girls Get a Hit
Sep 10Remember to Breathe
Sep 13Cruella de Sheena
Sep 15Maiden Voyage
Sep 17Three More Blocks and We Can Get Out of These Clothes
Sep 18R.B.G….R.I.P
Sep 20Suzy’s Dog
Sep 22A Bad Case of Girl Flu?
Sep 24The New Sexretary
Sep 27Happy Yom Kippur?
Sep 29Kiss Contested
Oct 1Cavity Depravity
Oct 4The New School Marm
Oct 6Weighted Bliss
Oct 8Freezer Burn
Oct 11TV’s Biggest Guest Star
Oct 13Dating Wednesday Addams
Oct 15Don’t Be a Monster
Oct 18Pumpkin Patch Security Breach
Oct 20Green Passion
Oct 21The More Things Change…
Oct 22Different Worlds, Same Love
Oct 25Lair of the Spider Lady
Oct 27‘Til Life Do They Part
Oct 29Kiddy Kat Kandy
Oct 30Halloween Treat
Nov 1Speak Softly
Nov 3Regrets the Day After
Nov 5Her Love Is Animated…and Brainy!
Nov 8Happy Sex
Nov 10Salute a Vet
Nov 12Rescue Cat
Nov 15Rampaging Sex
Nov 17The Queen’s Gambit
Nov 19Star Sex
Nov 22Hounded
Nov 24Breast Thanksgiving Ever!
Nov 25Let’s Talk Turkey
Nov 26Black Friday
Nov 29Home on the Strange
Dec 1Rest? Stop!
Dec 3No Escape from Love
Dec 6My Vast Comic Book Fortune
Dec 8Sex with You Is the Pits!
Dec 10Dreidel Dilemma
Dec 13Santa’s Stocking Stuffer
Dec 15Naughty Girls
Dec 17Letter to Santa
Dec 20Stripped Down Christmas
Dec 21Santa Believes
Dec 22Sock It To Me
Dec 23Presents Under the Tree
Dec 24Believe Me! Santa Loves You!
Dec 27Enjoying Her Gift
Dec 29Temptation–Resist or Give In?
Dec 312020 Gets the Shaft