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Jan 1The Future Is Now
Jan 3Making Up Sex
Jan 5Not as Dead
Jan 8The Happiest Place on Earth
Jan 10The Wait Is Over
Jan 12Abby’s “Dream” Date
Jan 15Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2023
Jan 17Cuff Her, Danno!
Jan 19Abby’s Blade Banter
Jan 22Fashion Faux Pas!
Jan 24John’s Last Kiss-ish Birthday
Jan 26Abby Goes Candle Crazy
Jan 29Sequel Me! Sequel Me Now!
Jan 31Love You Can Bank On
Feb 2Abby’s Not Entirely Horrible Evening
Feb 5Underoos? Underwelmed!
Feb 7A Step Too Far
Feb 9Abby vs. the Wallet of Doom
Feb 12Risky Romance
Feb 14The Day After Valentine’s Day–I Feel Good
Feb 16Abby’s Nightmare–the Dreaded 3rd Law of Dating
Feb 19Presidents’ Day 2023
Feb 21Naked Hopes
Feb 23Is This the Climax of Abby’s Catastrophic Coma? Could Be!
Feb 26Being Frank
Feb 28Bucky’s Request
Mar 2Abby Awakes!
Mar 5The Dress to Impress Plan
Mar 7Forget the Past!
Mar 9We Read Abby’s Diary
Mar 12Bulging Beauties
Mar 14Don’t Pinch!
Mar 16Holy Honeysuckle Rose! That’s a Lot of Flowers!
Mar 19Sexy Survey
Mar 21Almost a Virgin…
Mar 23It Was You!
Mar 26Between the She-Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Mar 28She’s a Hit! And a Ms!
Mar 30The Colonel’s Story
Apr 2It’s Rabbit Season
Apr 4Ella’s Easter Party
Apr 6Abby Meets Her Mystery Man—at Last!
Apr 8How to Protect Your Easter Eggs
Apr 9Citizen Cane
Apr 11I’m Not That Kind of Girl!
Apr 13Joe Cupid Explains It All
Apr 16The Love Tax
Apr 18He Loves Women
Apr 20Beware the Stupid Code!
Apr 23Good Lovers Are Hard…to Find!
Apr 25Abby’s Mission of Love!
Apr 27Abby Amour: The Big Finale!
Apr 30Bunk Mates
May 2Enjoying Sex
May 3Ex This Out
May 4How to Cheer Up
May 7Last Kiss Goes West
May 9Ex-ed Out Romance
May 11Super-Mom
May 14A Mother’s Day Moment
May 14Practice Makes…Perfect?
May 16Luckily for You…
May 18I Do? She Does!
May 21Feather Me
May 23His Will Isn’t the Way!
May 23Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!
May 25Oh, That’s Rich!
May 28Memorial Day 2023
May 30Happiness Isn’t a Warm Gun
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