A new Last Kiss by Tony Isabella & Diego Jourdan Pereira!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Jack Keller (and probably story) from “Race Against Time” in Teenage Hotrodders #6, Feb. 1964. Published by Charlton.

Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book for free on ComicBookPlus.com’s presentation of the comic. The story begins on Page 10.

↓ Transcript
Part 2 of 2

SCENE: The stern-looking editor is talking to us.

EDITOR: Since we put romance on our front page...

EDITOR: ...our circulation is up 1000%!

EDITOR: Every day, we have hundreds of classifieds ads...

EDITOR: ...from people looking for a special someone.

EDITOR: And every d*mn divorce lawyer in the city...

EDITOR: ...is running big expensive ads with us!

EDITOR: Ain’t love grand!
1964 Art: Jack Keller Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Writer: Tony Isabella