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Jan 3A Step Too Far?
Jan 5Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!
Jan 7High-Caliber Dating
Jan 10Waiting for the Right Moment
Jan 12So Many Men!
Jan 14My Secret? I’m a Liar!
Jan 17She’s Ready
Jan 19Arresting Humor
Jan 21I’ve Changed…for Good!
Jan 24And the Award for the Worst Brother Goes To…
Jan 26Younger Sister?
Jan 28Traditional Marriage
Jan 31Brotherly Love
Feb 2Ladies, Don’t Be Slobs!
Feb 4Tonsil Hockey
Feb 7Barf Bag Valentine, Part 1
Feb 9Barf Bag Valentine, Part 2
Feb 11Barf Bag Valentine, Part 3
Feb 13Heart too? Please!
Feb 14Proposal Possible
Feb 16No Sex Please, I’m Straight
Feb 18Bucky Fixes the TV
Feb 21Men Are Morons, But…
Feb 23No More Honeymoons
Feb 25Love Boat Forever
Feb 28Married Men
Mar 1Mom Dislikes You Best
Mar 3A Wedding? I Wonder!
Mar 6Remember Sex?
Mar 8Cheerleader Dress Code
Mar 10Dating Dad
Mar 13Why? Oh, Why? Do I Have to Get Married?
Mar 15Leprechaun Matrimony
Mar 17The Shadow of Love
Mar 20Too Immature? Not Us!
Mar 22Happy or Happier?
Mar 24I’m Dreaming of a Plumber Easter
Mar 27Chocolate Truth
Mar 29New Mirror, New Me
Mar 31Marry Me—Again and Again
Apr 3Don’t Expect Men
Apr 5Please Disapprove of Me
Apr 7Watta Woman! Watta Headache!
Apr 10Wild Sex
Apr 12Write You Are
Apr 14Make-Up Sex
Apr 17Chocolate Criminals
Apr 19Men’s Hopes
Apr 21Time Travel Works
Apr 24Who Am I Now?
Apr 26Researching “Romance”
Apr 28She’s Got a Crush on You
May 1How about Me?
May 3Maid to Please
May 5Bridal Bombshell
May 8Drinking for…Who?
May 10Hot Dog Surprise
May 12Hipster Sex
May 15Romance Strikes Out
May 17Dumped by a Dimwit
May 19Money Talks! But…Should You Listen?
May 22Cuff Her, Danno
May 24Lousy Sex—A Crime?
May 26Backseat Love
May 29A Memorial Day Surprise
May 31Restroom Politics
Jun 2Onion Ring or Diamond Ring?
Jun 5I Forgot to Forget
Jun 7Just Like Twins, Except…
Jun 9He’s Singularly Perfect
Jun 12Premature Reject-ulation
Jun 14The Temporary Bride
Jun 16Glad for you, Dad!
Jun 19Wild Beach Women
Jun 21A Cheer for Blondes
Jun 23I Can’t Count Calories When My Mouth Is Full
Jun 26Just Be Happy
Jun 28Welcome to the Rump House
Jun 30The Idiot’s Guide to Romance
Jul 2Fireworks Are Like Sex
Jul 3Hope Springs Fourth
Jul 5In Memory of Noel Neill
Jul 7My New Diet Plan—Booze!
Jul 10Seaman? Or…
Jul 12Meet “The Woman Without Fear”
Jul 14Wait for It!
Jul 17Too Soon or Never?
Jul 19Sex or Comics?
Jul 21Penny Poorpun—Exotic Dancer?
Jul 24Men, it’s Time to Heel
Jul 26If Life’s A Journey
Jul 28Our Love Isn’t Strange
Jul 31Everyone Hates Me
Aug 2Need Glasses?
Aug 4New Drinking Game
Aug 7Are You Too Hot?
Aug 9I Feel Pretty
Aug 11Breakfast Bar?
Aug 14An Offer You’ll Want to Refuse
Aug 16Gold Medal Sex
Aug 18Shark Tanked
Aug 21That Gorgeous Blonde
Aug 23Are You Dead Wrong—or Just Dead?
Aug 25Wanna Change?
Aug 28Doctor Feelgood
Aug 30Mistaken Marriages?
Sep 1Senator Sex
Sep 4Labor Day Now—Or Later?
Sep 6You Remind Me of Someone
Sep 8No Cavities, But…
Sep 11Married Men Are Best
Sep 13Fuzzy Romance
Sep 15Someone Like You
Sep 18My Favorite Person
Sep 20I’m a Virgin
Sep 22Sex Questions
Sep 25I Like You…a Little
Sep 27Sex Education Failure
Sep 29Dirty? Disgusting? Not us!
Oct 2Group Sex for Minimalists
Oct 4Can’t Get Married Until…
Oct 6Wide-Eyed Beauty
Oct 9Scary Sex
Oct 11Love Me!!!
Oct 13I Need a Man? Really?
Oct 16First Class Lovin’
Oct 18The Best Thing About Women…
Oct 20Early Halloween
Oct 23Good Headlights, But Don’t Stare!
Oct 24Guilty or Framed?
Oct 25Hot Halloween Date
Oct 26Too Scary?
Oct 27The No-Candy Diet
Oct 28His Last Kiss
Oct 29Zombody to Watch Over Me
Oct 30Practice Surgery
Nov 1Gravity Attack
Nov 3Drink Time?
Nov 6Use Your Bra-a-a-ins!
Nov 8Maid for Him
Nov 10I’ve Dated the Army, the Navy…
Nov 13Hair Today, Love Tomorrow
Nov 15Changes! And More Changes!
Nov 17Love Slave
Nov 20Gobbler Greatness
Nov 22Free Turkey
Nov 24Her Plastic Pals
Nov 27Oh, That’s Rich
Nov 29Don’t Forget to Remember
Dec 1Who Are You Now?
Dec 4Sex? Marriage? What about Me?
Dec 6He’s a Hit
Dec 8Redhead Power
Dec 11Playing Doctor
Dec 13I Asked My Friends
Dec 15Star Wars Holiday Spirit
Dec 18A Big Box of Wonderful
Dec 20Reindeer Mixup
Dec 22Santa’s Watching You
Dec 25The Day After Christmas
Dec 27Princess Carrie
Dec 29Temptation: Resist or Give In?