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Jan 4I’m So Wonderful!
Jan 18The Economy Needs Me
Jan 19You can read?
Jan 21Sex Education for Nincompoops?
Jan 23Sob Sister!
Jan 26Pregnant? Who?
Jan 28Two-fisted stewardess
Jan 30PMS Woman
Feb 2Virgin Hopes
Feb 4Time To Be Me
Feb 6Birthday Gifts For All
Feb 9Waiting For Your Call
Feb 11Instant Honeymoon
Feb 13Stimulus Package Valentine
Feb 16Money means nothing to me…
Feb 18Too young?
Feb 20Happy Us
Feb 23Men And Other Heels
Feb 24Who’s sorry now?
Feb 27Wood you love me?
Mar 2Revenge of the Booth Babe–Part 1
Mar 3Revenge of the Booth Babe–Part 2 of 3
Mar 6Revenge of the Booth Babe–Part 3 of 3
Mar 8Watchmen Part 1
Mar 10Watchmen Part2
Mar 13Not-so-high finance
Mar 16Leprechaun Love
Mar 18Clean Living Gets Smudged
Mar 19Trust Me
Mar 23Europe Oar Bust
Mar 25Dressed For Fun
Mar 27Knotty Naughty
Mar 30Your Pal The Dentist
Apr 1April Fool…you!
Apr 3Lets Swap
Apr 6Lush-Lipped Woman
Apr 8The Mystery Of Babies
Apr 9Chocolate Easter
Apr 13The Adventures of Snooperman (The Lost Episode)
Apr 15Tax Demon
Apr 17High Caliber Romance
Apr 20All In The Family
Apr 22Exotic Canada
Apr 24Invest In Dinner
Apr 27Not Kissin’, Not Cousins!
Apr 29Sex For Dinner
May 1Thinking of…you?
May 3Feeling Guilty
May 6Mother Superior
May 8Mom’s Day…At Last!
May 11Beach Blanket Boo Hoo
May 13Read Faster
May 15Graduate With Honors
May 17Going Down The Organ Trail
May 20Deep Sea Divorce
May 21Maid To Please
May 25A Friend Of The Fleet
May 27Now We’re Cooking
May 29Stop Undressing Me
May 31So Proud
Jun 2No Sex! No Fear! No Husband!
Jun 5My husband! My lawyer! Oh, my!
Jun 8Smoke ‘Em While You Got ‘Em!
Jun 10We’re a family…but no planning!
Jun 12For Success…You Dress?
Jun 15Pure Evil
Jun 16Dad Is Always There
Jun 22Giraffe Girl
Jun 24Humble Me
Jun 26Forget The Future
Jun 29My Plastic Pals
Jul 1Marriage Surprise
Jul 3Daddy Likes You
Jul 6Happy Misery
Jul 8I Need A Man
Jul 10It Takes A Real Man…
Jul 13Let’s Compromise
Jul 15Let’s Pretend
Jul 17Bank On It
Jul 19Spare Change?
Jul 22Dont Beg…Yet!
Jul 24The Super Heroine Who Never Says Die!
Jul 27Beauties And The Beast
Jul 29Honeymoon First, Worry Later!
Jul 31Happy 29th!
Aug 3Major Ego And Captain Id
Aug 5Who’s Hot?
Aug 7Love Is Blind
Aug 10Every Dog Has His Day, Part 1
Aug 12Every Dog Has His Day Part 2
Aug 14Every Dog Has His Day Part 3
Aug 16Ignore What’s His Name
Aug 19Last Second Hero
Aug 21The Price Of Stalks!
Aug 24Fair $ex
Aug 26No Maintenance–Me!
Aug 28Leave It To Eddie
Aug 31I Made You A Man
Sep 2Sleepover Slip-Up!
Sep 4You’re Priceless
Sep 7Dead Skunk Or Old Comic Books? Your choice!
Sep 9Glamour Gal vs. Reality
Sep 11More Caffeine
Sep 13That’s Tweet
Sep 16Sex Ed Pays Off
Sep 18Freudian Sip
Sep 21Nice by the Cup
Sep 23Don’t Ask Because I Won’t Tell
Sep 24Pilot Error
Sep 27No More Frittering
Sep 29Puppy Love
Oct 1Ticket To Trouble
Oct 4Healthy Comics?
Oct 6Almost Perfect
Oct 8Big O’ Me
Oct 11Taking a Chance on Love
Oct 13Nuts To You
Oct 15Perfection Worth Waiting For?
Oct 18Dollars Make Sense
Oct 20Pleasure and Puke
Oct 22Clean Underwear…Again?
Oct 25Romance is in the Air
Oct 27What Men Really Want
Oct 29The Scariest Halloween Movie Of All
Nov 1I’m Here! Lucky You!
Nov 3If Life’s a Journey…
Nov 5Time for…a Drink?
Nov 8Sob Queen
Nov 10Beautiful Me
Nov 12Distracted at the Dance
Nov 15Dangerous Damsel?
Nov 17Pop that Cork!
Nov 19Don’t Ask! She won’t Tell!
Nov 22Gravity Got You Down?
Nov 24Me? Cook?
Nov 26Hello! Good Buy?
Nov 29The Nurse Who Lost Her Patients
Dec 1Am I Wishy-Washy? I’m Not Sure!
Dec 3Frosty the Snow Puddle
Dec 6Life Before Boys (and Girls!)
Dec 8Cyber Santa
Dec 10The Santa Conspiracy
Dec 13Have Yourself A Mistletoe Christmas
Dec 15I Believe in Santa
Dec 17No Exploding Gifts — Maybe!
Dec 20Great Gifts
Dec 22T’was the Night Before…
Dec 24Christmas? Watta Shock!
Dec 27Food? Fight!
Dec 28Can’t Wait
Dec 31Dont Take This Personally, But…