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Jan 2Not Bad for a Girl
Jan 4Good News, Mom!
Jan 7Enjoy Sex?
Jan 9Fashion? That’s a Crime!
Jan 11Laughing Lovers
Jan 14See Student
Jan 16Old Problem, New Sister
Jan 18Let’s Face It—Last Kiss Anniversary
Jan 21My New Safe Word
Jan 23Dumb & Dumpster Etiquette
Jan 25You Are the Old Me
Jan 28What I Want in a Woman
Jan 30Kid Me Not
Feb 1You Can Say That Again
Feb 4Thinking of You
Feb 6Boring Sex
Feb 8Next Time? Maybe!
Feb 11Valentine Sex? Surely!
Feb 13Candy & Flowers for Valentine’s Day
Feb 15At Last I’m in Love
Feb 18Abe Lincoln’s Last Kiss
Feb 20Ignorance Was Bliss
Feb 22Who Are You Going to Trust?
Feb 25Thank God I’m a Man
Feb 27Hot, Sexy…Soup?
Mar 1Casual Friday Freakout
Mar 4How Was I to Know?
Mar 4Beware of Boss
Mar 8Men Make Me Sick
Mar 11Best Date Ever
Mar 13Handsome Me
Mar 15Outta Luck Leprechaun
Mar 18Getting Punchy
Mar 20Sleep Sex
Mar 22Getting a…Broad?
Mar 25Big Bra Is a Bust
Mar 26Contest Winner: Call me Guida! James Guida!
Mar 27The Miracle of Modern Medicine
Mar 29Easter Egg Lay? No Way!
Mar 30Bunny Belief
Mar 31Easter Fools Day
Apr 1Have a Rose from…The Bachelor
Apr 3I Like Women
Apr 5It’s Not You
Apr 8Don’t Tell Him That!
Apr 10I’m Here to Meet Chicks
Apr 12Bad Luck Is Fishy
Apr 15Love Tax
Apr 16Tax Package
Apr 17Book Thrills
Apr 19Watta Dope
Apr 22The Soon-To-Be Naked Truth
Apr 24In a Perfect World, He Wouldn’t Know
Apr 26Obscene Phone Call
Apr 29Fickle Fianceé!
May 1The Meaning of Life
May 3I’m Attracted to Women
May 6Disgusting Sex
May 8Whom Do I Love?
May 10Prom Queen
May 12Happy Mother’s Day!
May 13Drinking to Forget
May 15Training Bra
May 17Me Two?
May 20Too Soon?
May 22I Dumped Her
May 24Old Friends?
May 27Memorial Day
May 29I Wonder…
May 31Dating Other Men
Jun 3100 Percent Off
Jun 5His Balls Are in the Gutter
Jun 7Safe Sex? Always!
Jun 10Itsy Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Bikini
Jun 12A Job? Why?
Jun 14Dad’s Law
Jun 16Tough Dad, Rough Drive
Jun 17The Big Bang Theory
Jun 19Too Much Booze
Jun 21I Wanna Be a Macho Man
Jun 24Too Good for You
Jun 26Married? Me?
Jun 28Wood You Love Me?
Jul 1Married Sex?
Jul 3Fourth of July: Love American Style
Jul 5I Love You (or Maybe You)
Jul 8Perfect Me
Jul 10Men?!!
Jul 12The Right to Be Wrong
Jul 15Comic Underwear
Jul 17Voices in My Head
Jul 19Worship Me
Jul 22Love at Any Price?
Jul 24The Birds and the…?
Jul 26Happy, Happy Hour
Jul 29Sharp Humor
Jul 31Swept Off Her Tooties?
Aug 2Fired Up Humor
Aug 5Electric Sex
Aug 7Men Are Easy
Aug 9Always Right, Never Wrong
Aug 12The Secret to Happiness
Aug 14Is that Protection in Your Pocket? Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?
Aug 16Brain Pain
Aug 19Do I Smell…Love?
Aug 21More Amor
Aug 23Movie Quotes: All The King’s Men
Aug 26Nude Picnic
Aug 28It’s Easy to Be Difficult
Aug 30I Love You Deeply
Sep 2No Labor on Labor Day
Sep 4Eternal Love
Sep 6Dad Knows!!!
Sep 6DNA Challenged
Sep 9Kiss Or Kill?
Sep 11Bully for You
Sep 13Soda Jerked
Sep 18Living Life on the Edge
Sep 20Fly the Very Friendly Skies
Sep 23Taking a Girl Home to Meet Mom
Sep 25Ring Me Up
Sep 27Longshot Love
Sep 30Great Expectations
Oct 2What’s Your Hurry?
Oct 4Time to Clean Up
Oct 7Sleep Sex
Oct 9Drunk on Love
Oct 11Thrown for a Curve
Oct 14Ready for Sex
Oct 16Cheap Date
Oct 18I Don’t Want to Date Other Men
Oct 21Real Woman
Oct 23Toothy Romance
Oct 25Hairy Halloween
Oct 26Halloween Fashion Fail
Oct 27Best Halloween Costume?
Oct 28Haunted Honeymoon
Oct 29Buried Troubles
Oct 30Corny Candy for Halloween
Nov 1Stinkin’ Rich
Nov 4A Vote from the Vault
Nov 6She’s Got Personality–Plus!
Nov 8Shy Love
Nov 11Veteran’s Day Thanks
Nov 13My Wife? Maybe!
Nov 15Buried Treasure
Nov 18Stan Lee Celebration
Nov 19Pilgrim Pride
Nov 20Thanksgiving Stuffing
Nov 22Black Friday Sex Appeal
Nov 25Feel Young? That’s Old!
Nov 27Shining Light on a Dark Delight
Nov 29Thank God It’s Friday
Dec 2Romance on the Spot
Dec 4Early Proposal
Dec 6I’m Not Bad
Dec 9Naughty News
Dec 11Santa’s Secret
Dec 13Oh, Deer!
Dec 16Missed Universe
Dec 18Be Nice
Dec 20Christmas with Ginger
Dec 23Working Christmas Eve
Dec 24Christmas Spirit
Dec 25Easy to Love
Dec 27Stan Lee’s Birthday
Dec 30New Year, New Attitude
Dec 312019 Promises