Original Vintage Art & Text

Art credited in part to Reed Crandall for the story “Queen of Ants!” in Feature Comics #103, Oct. 1946. Quality Comics. The story begins on Page 3.

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man in a superhero suite (Doll Man) battles an ant that's even bigger than he is. In the background, a woman lets another ant out of a box.

DOLL MAN: Ants?!!B-but I thought you wanted to introduce me to your family!

WOMAN: Oh, I do! Aunt Hilda and Aunt Berta......meet dinner!

CAPTION: Will Dollman cry “Uncle?” Find out in:
“The Maiden Ants! of Murder St.”
Lunch with them was no picnic!

1946 Art: Reed Crandall from Doll Man story in Feature Comics #103
Pest Control: John Lustig