Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia from the story “Coffee and… a Kiss, Darling!” in First Kiss #8, April 1959. Published by Charlton.

Curious to see more? Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book for free on ComicBookPlus.com’s presentation of the comic. The story begins on Page 28.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Male restaurant worker is talking to a woman.

MAN: As soon as the writer’s strike ends I’ll quit flipping burgers...and sell my sci-fi script!

WOMAN: And then you’ll be rich?

MAN: No, but maybe I’ll finally be able to afford a date with you!

WOMAN: Say, you really do write Sci-Fi!

CAPTION: A public service announcement from Last Kiss. Support the writers (and actors) on strike!

1959 Art: Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Living a Sci-Fi Life: John Lustig