Happy Holidays!


Original Vintage Art & Text

If you’re wondering about the bizarre color in the art below, the whole page of the printed comic is this way. It wasn’t unusual for Charlton comics to be printed with colors out of register. But to print with an entire color plate missing? That was rare—even for Charlton!

Art by Vince Colletta from the story “Involuntary Bride” in First Kiss #40, 1965. Published by Charlton. The story begins on Page 24 of comicbookplus’s fabulous, free online reprint here.

Curious to see more? Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book for free on ComicBookPlus.com.


↓ Transcript
SCENE: A bride and groom kissing with a Christmas tree in the background.

BRIDE & GROOM (thinking): Marry Christmas!*

CAPTION: *Merry Christmas however you spell it or celebrate it!

1965 Art: Vince Colletta Character Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Married & Merry: John Lustig