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Jan 2Romance that Doesn’t Suck
Jan 5Tomorrow? You Wish!
Jan 7Sexual Amnesia
Jan 9Idiot’s Delight
Jan 12I’m So Sensitive
Jan 14Cheer Up, Sweetie
Jan 16No, I Didn’t Sleep with Your Sister
Jan 19Dead Right, Nurse
Jan 21Fangs for the Memories
Jan 23Best Dream Ever
Jan 26What is Sex?
Jan 28Sane? Not Me!
Jan 30Don’t Look, Mom!
Feb 2Miserable Me
Feb 4Act Your Own Age, Buster!
Feb 6Milkman Does Her Body? Good!
Feb 9Couple-Up Contest With William Van Horn
Feb 11Bullseye for Cupid
Feb 13Cupid’s Paternity Test
Feb 16Trapped in Ha Ha Hell
Feb 18Couple-Up GoComics Winner: Pogoreader
Feb 20Sex With…You?
Feb 23Men? Gross!
Feb 25Virginity? No Regrets!
Feb 27Double Trouble Matrimony
Mar 2Not-So-Casual Sex
Mar 4A Mystery for the Ages
Mar 6$ex Appeal?
Mar 9You Blow Me…Away
Mar 11Now, Forever and Maybe This Afternoon
Mar 13You’re in My Top 10
Mar 16Unlucky Leprechaun
Mar 19Old Money, Young Me!
Mar 20My Lucky Underwear
Mar 23Coffee Or Sex? Your Choice!
Mar 25And the Hits Keep Coming
Mar 27I’m Too Sensitive
Mar 30Lovin’ You Can’t Be Wrong—Without a Restraining Order
Apr 1Get Me While I’m Hot
Apr 3Don’t Be Rash
Apr 6Insensitive? Me?
Apr 8Solid Sex Advice
Apr 10Better, Funnier Sex
Apr 13Romance Hits the Road
Apr 15I’m Adorable
Apr 17The Further Adventures of Peter Rabbit
Apr 20High-Octane Sex
Apr 22Naked Doubts
Apr 24Best Imaginary Friends
Apr 27Pre-Wedded Bliss
Apr 29Second Amendment Romance
May 1No More Sex?
May 4Free Samples? You Wish!
May 6The Question Reporters Really Want to Ask
May 8Happy-Not-Mother’s Day
May 11Do I Know You?
May 13Write Now, Right?
May 15Oh, My! What Big Cerebral Hemispheres You Have!
May 18Tootsie Trouble
May 20Reality? Or Romance?
May 22Sex with…?
May 25Sailor Sex Beware
May 27The Gift of Guilt
May 29Coffee King
Jun 1The Breakfast of Befuddled Champions
Jun 3Playing House…for Keeps
Jun 5Could I Be Happier?
Jun 8Delightful Delivery
Jun 10Regret Sex?
Jun 12She’s Got It Bad for…Bad Boys
Jun 14Daddy Girl Forever
Jun 15Feeling Crabby?
Jun 17Face Off?
Jun 19A Beauty of a Brain
Jun 22Supper Sex?
Jun 24Happiness is a Warm Gun
Jun 26Pervert?
Jun 29Hit or Miss?
Jul 1Mad Love?
Jul 3Right Again, Sam!
Jul 6Nuptial Newbie
Jul 8Better Than Freud
Jul 10Blog Me, Baby!
Jul 13Instant Makeup Sex
Jul 15Join My Ex-Wife Club
Jul 17Plumbing Lust
Jul 20Cheer Up, Sucker!
Jul 22Blind Lust
Jul 24Marriage News
Jul 27Fond of Your Kiss
Jul 29The Queen of Caffeine
Jul 31The Perfect Man Is Missing
Aug 3He Will Do
Aug 5Collect Me
Aug 7Pussy Passion
Aug 10Pressed for Sex?
Aug 12Litter Box Genius
Aug 14Sex Is a Trip
Aug 17Budget Bank Heist
Aug 19Just One Regret…
Aug 21A Little Something to Cheer Me Up
Aug 24Gag Queen
Aug 26Now for the Easy Part
Aug 28Dress for Sexcess
Aug 31Wireless Whoopie
Sep 2Wild Honeymoon
Sep 4Long-Distance Sex
Sep 7Finger-Lickin’ Good Birthday
Sep 9Live Long and Shop
Sep 11Sex or Love?
Sep 14Better Than Acupuncture
Sep 16No Guilt Dating
Sep 18High-Minded Malice
Sep 21Sex MisCommunication
Sep 23It’s Small! Is that a Problem?
Sep 25Kickstarter Lust
Sep 28Dream Girl
Sep 30Blame Those Women
Oct 2Procrastinate Later
Oct 5Pregnant? Maybe!
Oct 7Cheer Up Sex
Oct 9Secret Affairs?
Oct 12Eager to Cure
Oct 14Not Enough Cat Videos
Oct 16Misjudged Again?
Oct 19Diet Mini-Marathon
Oct 21Bee Nice
Oct 23I See Nothing
Oct 26Sex? Oh, Hum!
Oct 28Caffeine Fiend
Oct 30Trick or Teat?
Nov 2Lousy Lover?
Nov 4I’d Rather Be with You
Nov 6Shortly After Joining the Mile-High Club
Nov 9How to Celebrate Veterans Day
Nov 11Orgasm? Really?
Nov 13Kickstarter Sex
Nov 16I’m Not Cheating
Nov 18Do It Again
Nov 20Between Lovers
Nov 23Thanks for the Little Things
Nov 25Turkey Turmoil
Nov 27Chicks Dig Me
Nov 30Sex? Not So Disgusting?
Dec 2Half Sex
Dec 4Sleeping for Love
Dec 7Marriage Mythbusters
Dec 9Delicious Me
Dec 11Dumber and Dimmer
Dec 12Santa Emergency?
Dec 14Car Stalls, Sex Calls
Dec 16Sex in a Flash
Dec 18I Love Women
Dec 21Christmas Dilemma
Dec 23Ho, Ho…Uh, Oh!
Dec 27Hobbies
Dec 28Wedding Was Perfect
Dec 302015 Resolution?