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Jan 1Dinner for…Eauuu Yuck!
Jan 3Carpenter Lust
Jan 5Be Patient–Quickly!
Jan 8Except for the Sex…
Jan 10Smooching? Good Entertainment!
Jan 12Happy Gays Are Here Again
Jan 15His Cat Loves Me
Jan 17Queens for a Day
Jan 19True Love or Barf?
Jan 22Why Parents Worry
Jan 24Pay Now! Live Maybe!
Jan 26A Full-Figured Fairy Tale
Jan 29Am I Me?
Jan 31No More Dumb Blondes
Feb 2Presto! A Proposal!
Feb 5How to Succeed in School Without Really Trying
Feb 7Wonderful Me
Feb 9I Hate to Interrupt, But…
Feb 12Cupid Strikes a Deal
Feb 14Happy Valentine’s Day?
Feb 15Sextra Credit
Feb 16Tonight’s Special…a Man!
Feb 19The it’s Too-Late, Birth Control Plan
Feb 21Smooch Emergency
Feb 23Beauty Sleeps
Feb 26Sex? Dad’s Such a Sport!
Feb 28I Slept with Your Brother Because…
Mar 1Smokin’ Hot Hubby
Mar 4Wholesome Twosome?
Mar 6Proud to Be a Pr*ck!
Mar 8Proof That I Like Women!
Mar 11Stinky Rich
Mar 13I Sense a Disturbance in the Farce
Mar 15Welcome to My Sexmare!
Mar 18Most Men Don’t Spend Money Wisely
Mar 20The Pain of Sexy You
Mar 22I’m a Gift! Unwrap Me Quick!
Mar 25Bed Rest? You Wish!
Mar 27I Have Morals! For Now…
Mar 29Not So Old After All
Apr 1Marry for Money? Never!
Apr 3High Sexpectations
Apr 5Invest in Floozies
Apr 8Dance Sex
Apr 10Playing Doctor
Apr 12Bad Eggs
Apr 15Mistakes Worth Making
Apr 17He’s Handy, Manly…Plus Eye Candy!
Apr 19Am I Losing It?
Apr 22Enjoying Life to the Max?
Apr 24Baffling Buds? Mystery Lover!
Apr 26Sex, Love or Both?
Apr 29Why I’m Not Going to UCLA
May 1Further Adventures of the Sexually Gifted
May 3Best Summer Job Ever
May 6The Rich Need Love Too
May 8No Need to Be Good?
May 10He’s Perfect, But…
May 13Honeymoon with a Big Family
May 15I Refuse to Brag
May 17No Sex…Again?
May 20Sex Before Marriage?
May 22Perfection Awaits
May 24You’re Not Like Other Men
May 27The Joy of Breaking Up
May 29Good Clean Fun?
Jun 1Time to Pretend?
Jun 3Sex Ed Final Exam
Jun 5Mirror, Mirror in My Mind
Jun 7You Can’t Buy My Love
Jun 10Sacred Sex
Jun 12Roses Are Red! This Verse Is…Pee-Yew!
Jun 14Best Father’s Day Surprise—Ever!
Jun 17Wanted: One Time Machine
Jun 19I’m Looking for Love, But…
Jun 21Search for the Perfect Man
Jun 24Sexual Errors
Jun 26Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 1
Jun 28Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 2
Jul 1Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 3
Jul 3Yankee Doodle Randy
Jul 5Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 4
Jul 8Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 5
Jul 10Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 6
Jul 12Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 7
Jul 15Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 8
Jul 17Martha StewTart…Domestic Superhero, Part 9
Jul 19Martha StewTart Domestic Superhero, Part 10 of 10!
Jul 22Insurance To Last A Lifetime
Jul 24She Has Great Learning Curves
Jul 26Doggy Date
Jul 29Sex Olympics
Jul 30The Perfect Boss?
Aug 2Sex is Like Real Estate
Aug 5Honeymoon for Three
Aug 7Booties Call
Aug 9Perfection is a Settler
Aug 12The Best Free Things in Live are…Me!
Aug 14Death À La Mode
Aug 16Guest…Who?
Aug 19Pencil Envy
Aug 21She Gives Good Headache
Aug 23Too Sexy for Your Socks
Aug 26Waiting for Sex
Aug 28Your New Breast Friend
Aug 30Rhymes with Rude
Sep 2Killer Sex
Sep 4Sex Appeal?
Sep 6And Now, a Word from Your Nurse…
Sep 9I Don’t Usually Date People Like You
Sep 11Future Sex? Perfect!
Sep 13Try, Try Again Honeymoon
Sep 16Rent-to-Own Romance
Sep 18Frankly, My Dear, I Do Give a Damn
Sep 20Honeymoon Just for Two
Sep 23National Stay-in-Bed Day!
Sep 25Hunger Games: The Wedding?
Sep 27Woes of a Wedding Wus
Sep 30Our Love, a Flub?
Oct 2Sexcess
Oct 4Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow
Oct 7This Miss? Not Your Bliss!
Oct 9Sex with You…Last!
Oct 11I Love Kids, But…
Oct 14An Indecent Proposal?
Oct 16Women are like cars
Oct 18Sex with…Whom?
Oct 21I won’t kill you (much) if you date someone else…
Oct 23VP in charge of brown-nosing
Oct 25I’m glad you love my folks, but…
Oct 28Zombie Snacks
Oct 29Undead Fashion…Fail!
Oct 30Happy Hallobean!
Nov 1Women don’t know Dick?
Nov 4Back in Time—Again!
Nov 6Survival of the Fatigued
Nov 8Looks like porn, but…
Nov 11Great Women of Almost History
Nov 13She’s a doll! But not a Barbie!
Nov 15I’ll Return…Maybe!
Nov 18How Thanksgiving Really Started
Nov 20A Pilgrim’s Promise
Nov 22She’ll drink to that!
Nov 25I’m Not a Floozy
Nov 27Hanky Panky Budget
Nov 29My Door is Always Open
Dec 2She’s a Ringer
Dec 4Virgin
Dec 6Good Looking Me
Dec 9Fake Sex
Dec 11Kinky Sex for All?
Dec 13The Pregnancy Flu
Dec 16Naughty or Nice?
Dec 18Mistletoe Ms. Conceptions
Dec 19I’m Dreaming of a Mayan Christmas
Dec 22Please, Santa! Don’t Google!
Dec 23Better Than Naughty or Nice
Dec 25O Christmas Cold
Dec 27Stan Lee’s 90th Birthday: Dec. 28, 2012
Dec 30Home for the Holidays—and Beyond!