Last Kiss is getting a new look for Christmas. Once again my pal Mike Pascale (artist & humorist) is transforming my old Last Kiss art for the holidays. In the past, he’s turned some of my characters into zombies for Halloween.

Between now and Christmas, Last Kiss is going to be featuring plenty of elves. So stay tooned for more Pascale fun!

(Below are two versions of the art before Mike elf-ified it. The first is from First Kiss #25–with the original 1960s romance dialog.)

(The second is the art after my colorist Allen Freeman removed some distracting background details, added a bit of art—drawing in a bit of the chef’s hat—and colored it. Eventually, I’ll be using this version of the art as well—as soon as I come up with an appropriate gag. )

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: Oh, no! Not the elf costume again!

ELF: But...I remembered to wear pants this time!

Vintage art by Unknown Elfication by Mike Pascale