Speaking of old friends, my pal Ed Smith gave me an incredible birthday present today (Jan. 25.) For the last few centuries–I exaggerate only slightly–he’s been working on a Last Kiss animated cartoon.

But no more. Today, the cartoon is officially finished.

It’s just a few minutes of fun with Flash-style animation, but–holy exclamation marks, I’m excited about this!!!

Ed came up with some great gags and visuals that really moved my story along. And actress/pal Sharon Parker’s reading of the line “Oh, I like it!” may be the sexist thing I’ve heard since my wife said “I do.”

It’ll be at least a week (probably two) before I post the animation on the web. (Hey, I’ve got press releases to write and bloggers to blackmail first.)

But I promise to have the cartoon up and running in time for the traditional Last Kiss national holiday–St. Valentine’s Day!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman standing alone at an airport. She's talking to someone who's off panel.

WOMAN: I don’t sleep with strangers!

WOMAN (again): But I’m sure we’ll be old friends…by the end of the flight!