So there I was at Denny’s with a bunch of friends after a Cartoonists Northwest meeting.  And–while clogging our arteries—some of us are joking around. Now, not all cartoonists are funny in person.

(I’m only intermittently funny at best—and even then you have to buy me dinner to get a decent joke.)

But my pal Moira McDonough (creator of the graphic novel Venus Penvy) is genuinely witty in “real life.” Still, I was taken off guard when she quipped about “a marriage of mass destruction.”

I loved the line. I hope you do too. Thanks, Moira!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman and man embracing. The woman is upset and he seems to be comforting her.

WOMAN: It’s a marriage of mass destruction!

Guest Gag: Moira McDonough