To regain the time you lost reading this comic, please contact Time Rider via Instant Thought Message. Please allow 20-30 years for response.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: We see a guy in what looks like a racing car, but it's really a time machine. Following that panel are a couple of panels of two men talking. One is wearing a car racing costume and he's...Time Rider!

CAPTION: Speeding back and forth through the ages, Time Rider does the impossible! He recovers lost time and gives people a second chance to use it wisely!

TIME RIDER: I found the time you lost trying to impress women who never slept with you!

MAN: Gosh! I’ll finally have the time to cure cancer!

MAN (again): And that’s bound to impress women!

TIME RIDER: Glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight!

Art by Jack KELLER