This comic was supposed to run as a full-page gag in Comics Buyer’s Guide #1676. It’s one of three gags that I did for CBG’s “romance comics” issue.

But then fate–cruel, wicked fate–intervened!

Sure my cover art and another gag made it into the issue. But my third gag got cut at the last minute. The official reason? No room.

But maybe there was another reason. Maybe it was part of a vast conspiracy to…[insert any random quote from Charlie Sheen here.]

So that’s why I’m running the comic here. Because if I didn’t the [insert another random quote from Sheen] would win!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: At a party a man and a woman are dancing. In the background an angry man looks at them and says...

MAN: That does it! No more romance comics for you, young lady!

Art by Dick Giordano