With the San Diego comic con and four zillion deadlines looming, I decided to recycle one of my old Comic Buyer’s Guide strips. I may start doing this on Fridays on a semi-regular basis if it’s well received.

So–what’s the verdict?

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Sure the guest stars, the wild costumes and the fab freebies are fun! But the best part of any comic con is meeting other fans...and realizing you’re not the weirdest person in the room!

MAN: Hi! I know we just met, but let’s share a room during the con!

MAN: We’ll save money! And I promise...I probably won’t be creepy or try to seduce you!

WOMAN: Okay! And I promise
my boyfriend probably won’t rip out your spine…When he
finishes arm
wrestling the
Incredible Hulk!

CAPTION: Special Going-Insane, Getting-Ready-for-Comic-Con Edition!

Art by Dick Giordano