Weddings are all about the bride.

If you’re the bride, people will tell you it’s “your day.” (If you’re the groom–congrats. But it’s still her day.)

Of course, it’s usually good if the groom shows up too. But your duties as a groom are minimal. Show up and stay conscious long enough to mumble “I do.”

There. You’re done. Simple.

(Guys, I absolutely guarantee that this is the single easiest chore of your entire married life. Never again will you be praised so much for doing so little.)

On the other hand, if you’re the bride–you’re in charge of everything: Cake. Music. Weather. Earthquakes. Nasal hairs. Outbreaks of acne. You get the credit–or the blame.

True story: I only remember two things from my college photography class.

–#1 Never rub your eyes when you’re working with developer. (Or, in my case, never do it again!)

–#2 Shoot the bride. A lot. If the groom wanders into some of the photos–fine. But mostly…shoot the bride.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: Sure! I remember the wedding! But remind me anyway! Who’d I marry?