I don’t know if I was the first person to compare the 9-11 rescuers to superheroes. But I know for certain that I wasn’t the last. It was a popular theme in all the tributes that appeared in the coming months–especially for those of us working in the comics field.

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Sept. 9, 2001: Bored, billionaire playboy Wayne Bruce is alarmed when he turns on his 3,200-inch TV and his favorite cartoon show, has been pre-empted by ...

WAYNE BRUCE: …a terrorist attack? Why aren’t Captain U.S.A. and Princess Amazon protecting us?

WOMAN: Because they’re just cartoon characters, Mr. Bruce!

WAYNE BRUCE: Gulp! Don’t we have any real super-heroes?

WOMAN: look at the TV! People are risking their lives to save others! If
they’re not superheroes...who are?

CAPTION: Dedicated to the 9-11 Rescue Workers

CAPTION: Originally presented in Comics Buyer’s Guide--Sept . 2001