Are you happy with your health insurance? Great. I’m happy for you. Really.

But if you’re a freelancer–like most comic pros are–you probably aren’t so happy. (Unless you have a spouse with great health insurance.) Because you’re on your own, baby.

You can end up paying $1,100 a month for a basic, no-frills plan. I know because I’ve paid it. (And then paid thousands of dollars more when I found that our plan didn’t cover some basic tests and treatment.)

This isn’t a liberal vs. conservative issue. This is a comics issue. Affordable health care would be a huge boost for struggling comic pros. Instead of working three jobs to support themselves, some comic creators might only have to work two and a half. Oh, sure, affordable health care would also benefit millions of other folks. But let’s get our priorities straight, people. It’s all about me.

↓ Transcript
CRYING WOMAN: I’ll never qualify for insurance! Being a comic character is...a pre-existing health condition!