Yes, I Twitter a bit (under the name “Last_Kiss”) and I’m on Facebook too (“John Lustig”), but I confess that I still fritter. In fact, I’m frittering right now. Fritter. Fritter. Fritter.

I’m sending this out early because I won’t have time to fritter later. For Shelagh’s birthday (July 29), I bought tickets to attend a question and answer session with Carol Burnett. Ms. Burnett is in town tonight and if anyone can turn a question and answer session into an entire performance, it’s her. Now if I could only think of something really juicy to ask her.

Hmm…maybe if I watch some of her old clips on YouTube I’ll think of something.

Fritter. Fritter, Fritter

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (speaking to man): I used to fritter, but now I Twitter!