Grr. I still haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ve been short on time and dealing with a neck/back problem that’s going to make sitting in a theater for a three-hour movie a test of endurance. So what’s the verdict, folks? Is the movie a masterpiece worth seeing? Or a pain in the neck?

↓ Transcript
CAPTION #1: Who watches the Watchmen? People like you!

CAPTION #2: People who know how to prioritize!

MAN SEATED IN MOVIE THEATER: oh no! My doctor just texted me! my lab results show I…

WOMAN SEATED BESIDE HIM WATCHING MOVIE: Shh! I can’t hear...the explosions and screams for mercy!

CAPTION 3: People who know enough…is never enough!

MAN: We’ve watched it 12 times! Can we go home now...and pretend our marriage still has a chance?

WOMAN: Thirteen’s my lucky number!