Hey, anyone who’s a parent is really a superhero, right?

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A mom and dad at home with their young daughter.

CAPTION: Dr. Hugo Mania and Prof. Mary Shrinkhead (AKA Major Ego and Captain Id) were as happy as two superheroes could be! But then they got married and soon they were facing their toughest challenge…raising a child!

MAJOR EGO: Let’s take Suzy with us on our crime patrol!

CAPTAIN ID: She can carry a laser cannon! We’ll call her Super Ego…the tiny tot of Freudian Justice!

SUZY: But I want to go to the beach!


SCENE: SCENE: Scene shifts to family in bathing suits at the beach.

CAPTION: Holy Dr. Spock! What a dilemma! Pummeling criminals (until they admit their self-destructive tendencies) or spending "quality time" at the beach! What will they choose?

CAPTAIN ID: Well…I suppose we can fight crime here instead!

MAJOR EGO: Sure! Evil mutant surfers are bound to show up!

SUZY: Lord! I just pray I was adopted!