Giraffe Girl was born one day when I found a story in my archive that literally made my jaw drop. The art was stunningly, unbelievably…bad!

I was sure I’d never be able to find a use for it. But then I took another look and noticed something weird. In every panel, the woman in the story had a ridiculously long neck. So I started thinking, what if I took one of the panels and made her neck even longer…

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Last Kiss Inc. is constantly searching for new, exciting characters to star in our little melodramas of love and lighthearted despair! We had high hopes for Giraffe Girl--”The Human Skyscraper!” Alas, she was just a one-story wonder!

GIRAFFE GIRL (has really long neck): I want a regular an ordinary girl!

GIRAFFE GIRL: Let’s do something that won’t remind me that I’m special!

MAN: Sure! Wanna neck?

CAPTION: After her Last Kiss career fizzled, Giraffe Girl went on to become an adult film actress, starring in Deep Throat IV through VIII, until a tragic case of whiplash cut her career short!