I’m not a big fan of bigamy, but I am a huge fan of HBO’s Big Love. The show’s about Bill Henrickson and his wife Barbara…and his wife Nicolette…and his wife Margene…and their assorted kids. They’re the nice polygamists.


Most of their relatives are the trashy, evil, crazy cult-member polygamists. The kind that’ll throw a snake in your bed if you disagree with them. The kind that claim everything they do–no matter how horrible–is divinely inspired. The kind that are so bad that they’d get booted off reality TV.

Throw in a few power struggles, death threats and lots of Viagra and you’ve got must-watch TV–at least in my household.

I started watching Big Love during the first season and Shelagh would drift by, watch a couple of minutes and then leave the room, muttering “It’s so complicated!” Then she’d drift back in later, mutter and leave again.

By the third episode she was watching more and muttering less. By the fourth she was totally hooked. So, yeah, lots of love for Big Love in our house.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (thinking with eyes shut): I'm not asking for perfection! Please...just let him be single...or at least a bigamist!