Mr. Last Kiss solves your problems the old-fashioned way. He guesses!

↓ Transcript
Dear Mr. Last Kiss:

Disoriented from an overdose of
double-rum raisin cake and triple-tequila smoothies, I recently
wandered into a comic shop and
accidentally read a few hundred comics.

Of course, I didn’t buy any! But, ever since, I’ve had a craving for more!

I feel guilty, though. Shouldn’t I be
watching TV instead? Aren’t comics just literary junk food?

--Frantic in Frisco

Dear Frantic:

Not at all! Eaten in sensible
quantities, comics can be a rich source of mindless violence and absurd fantasies! Of course, if you actually believe anything in comics (especially what you’re reading right now) you’re probably doomed.

--Mr. Last Kiss

MAN: Everything I know, I learned from comic books!