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More About Dick Giordano…

“Several [Charlton Comics] artists…did less than their best because they had to work faster to put food on the table, but Dick Giordano’s talent enabled him to be fast and still do great work…

“Dick was too good to stay at Charlton so he moved down to DC Comics…

“He worked hard and achieved a lot…He was willing to pay the price for success, long sleepless nights at the drawing board, long boring rides on the train, and the constant struggle to be the Last Man Standing in the DC office.

“I always admired Dick and what he achieved. I never envied him.”

–Joe Gill former Charlton Comics staff writer, December 2002
from Michael Eury’s Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time

Covers by Dick Giordano. Art and characters ©2010 DC Comics

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