The “Widow Miss Muffet” storyline resumes tomorrow and wraps up Friday. In the meantime, here’s another mini-tribute to the artist of that saga and today’s comic, the late Dick Giordano.

“…Detective #457…showed me how much Dick Giordano was responsible for the greatness of those Neal Adams comics that I thought Dick had been ‘just inking’.  This was a comic drawn with beautiful realism, perfect line work, dramatic lighting, phenomenally beautiful women, and all the things that made those Neal comics wonderful, only Neal wasn’t around for this issue.  It turned out DICK WAS THE GUY who had been doing much of that all along.  And there was a subtle difference in the storytelling.  It was somehow more accessible, more “readable”, more directly told, than I was used to from this familiar style, and in many ways I LIKED IT BETTER!”

–Ty Templeton at

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WOMAN: Being happy is easy! Just love yourself…preferably several times a day…with rechargeable batteries!