I don’t always know who my characters are. But this fearsome mom is different. Many thanks to fan Torsten Adair who came up with the following name and bio:

Gertrude P. Thornsucker. (The P stands for Patricia.) Thornsucker is her maiden name.

She was once the CEO of Amalgamated Feminine Industries. The company was merged with Sweet & Pink, Inc, at which time she retired as CEO and took a seat on the Board of Directors.

In her spare time, she does needlepoint of stock certificates (highly sought after on Wall Street) while listening to Bloomberg Radio.  She is a championship Bridge player, once beating the pair of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.  (Warren mowed her lawn, Bill designed her MySpace page.)
Her favorite color is periwinkle. Lawrence Welk’s music makes her so randy that she has a bubble machine AND a giant plexiglas champagne hot tub in her boudoir.  (An underground video of her having intercourse with noted accordionist Wilhelm von Niederbergerhofstein while he played “Lady of Spain” circulates amongst accordion aficionados.)

Her daughter, Johanna G. P. Thornsucker, was adopted as a baby from British Honduras.  She excels in fencing, maintains the Neuro Linguistic Programming page on Wikipedia, and is on the Honor Roll at Makia Valley High School. Upon graduating, she intends to major in International Relations and Global Economics.

She met her current husband, Johnny Esposito, when he was employed at AFI as a junior accountant. (He is twenty years younger than G.P.) No longer employed at AFI, he manages the Thornsucker Family Trust and Foundation, and sits on the board of various local charities.  His pickle chiffon pie is quite famous locally.

Original art from First Kiss #36, 1964.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A young woman is holding a phone to her ear. Her mother is next to her and is lecturing her.

MOTHER: …and tell your father to hurry! I’ve either got gas…or I’m horny!

DAUGHTER: Either way, as soon as I hang up--I’m outta here!