Comics or romance? Fortunately, I’ve never had to choose…

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: The Army sent me to Frozen Hope, Alaska--a place so remote that snowmen are counted as eligible voters...and snow women as eligible dates! Many a romance ends during the spring
thaw! Frustrated and frostbitten, I gave up on love and started reading comic books! But then, one day...

SCENE: Man is startled as he sees a woman.
MAN: Good grief! Areyou...a woman?
WOMAN: There's only one way to find out, mister!

SCENE First man and woman kiss as an older man looks on in alarm.
CAPTION: Just then, the owner of Frozen Hope Comics showed up!
OLDER MAN: Joe, no! I've got a new X-Men waiting for you!

SCENE: Older man and older woman talk.
OLDER WOMAN: Give up, pulp pusher! he's found something better than comics!
OLDER MAN: Is that...possible?