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I’m busy packing for this weekend’s Spokane Comicon so I’ll go light on the text and give you a visual treat instead. Dick’s superhero work is well known to fans, but here’s something you don’t see every day. These scans are from some romance covers that Dick loaned to me years ago. Click on the covers to see larger versions.

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↓ Transcript
PANEL 1 - SCENE: Mitzi Muffet is dressed as a bride and is leaning close to an old man in a hospital bed.

OLD MAN: I...Gasp! Urk!

MUFFET: Come on, Honey! Don't Mumble! Say it!

PANEL 2 - SCENE: Old man gasps out his last breath. Muffet is overjoyed.

MAN: I...Doooo! Glugg!

MUFFET: Yippidee doo-dah! Weddd bliss at last!