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“Let me say up front that Dick Giordano is my hero. A consummate (I think that means he enjoys soup) professional, over the years he has proven to be a generous boss, a sagacious mentor, a loyal friend, and even a bit of a role model (except sartorially; I’d never be able to pull off wearing those wild shirts he favors…).”

–Terry Austin, February 2003
from Michael Eury’s Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time

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↓ Transcript
Cut to Mitzi and Al white water rafting. Al's smiling and paddling. Mitzi gets splashed in the face.

CAPTION: "I found that Harold had some peculiar ideas about matrimony!"

AL: …do this on all my honeymoons! Next we’ll go sky diving! Then scuba diving! Nothing like a little adventure to spice up a marriage…

MITZI: Glub!