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“I know of no way I can begin to pay the debt of gratitude I owe Dick Giordano. Dick is responsible for much, if not most, of what’s been good in what I’ve done for the past quarter-century…Dick hired me…when I was one of the worst prospects in publishing…and he did so against the advice…of his managerial colleagues. No one has ever believed in me like that. Such faith is a gift beyond valuing…

“He’s not good at everything, however. He has little gift for self-promotion, which may be why he is not as renowned as he ought to be. That’s a shame because it means that young artists and editors don’t profit from his good example.

“Somebody ought to do something about that.”

–Dennis O’Neil, Feb. 2003
from Michael Eury’s Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time

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↓ Transcript
PANEL 1, SCENE: The raft hits a large rock in the river and Al and Mitzi are thrown out of the raft.

AL: …and bring a couple closer together!

PANEL 2, SCENE: Establishing shot of a hospital's exterior.

CAPTION: "Two concussions, 14 fractures and 367 bruises later, the honeymoon was officially over!"

SIGN: Needa Nursa Memorial Hospital

VOICE (coming from within the hospital): Mitzi, you’re amazing!

PANEL 3, SCENE: Closer view of hospital, just outside one of the windows. We see two figures in silhouette through the window. One's standing and one's lying down.

CAPTION: "I wasn’t like Auntie Maim! I didn’t need to be widowed to have amazing adventures!"