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I knew that “Widow” artist Dick Giordano drew and edited zillions of romance comics. But it wasn’t until I read Michael Eury’s biography Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time that I realized how intimately comics and romance were intertwined in Dick’s life:

“In 1954 artist Sal Trapani [a Charlton Comics staffer] announced his marriage to an old classmate of Giordano’s and asked Dick to be in the wedding. At the ceremony, usher Dick Gordano was paired with bridesmaid Marie Trapani, the sister of the groom, and was instantly enchanted by her striking beauty. In a scene that played out of a romance comic story (minus the heartache), Marie caught the bride’s bouquet and Dick, her garter. The two began dating and very quickly fell in love, becoming engaged shortly thereafter…[Dick and Marie] were married April 17, 1955.”

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Mitzi Muffet looks up and smiles at a handsome, older man who has crouched down and is smiling at her as he touches her chin. The man's chauffeur is in the background looking on with disapproval.

CAPTION (Mitzi completing her thought from previous panel): love!

MAN (also completing his thought from previous panel): love!

CHAUFFEUR: Not again, sir!