New Dialog Contest

Time for a new dialog challenge.  Take a look at the original 1959 romance art (from First Kiss #7) below and come up with a clever bit of dialog that one (or both) of the characters would say next. You can submit the dialog as a comment on my Last Kiss Facebook page. If you’re Facebook shy, submit it as a comment to this blog post. No prizes. No deadlines. No pressure!

The Original Story:

In case you’re wondering, the context for the original panel is that Jerry has just arrived at his former girlfriend’s house and gotten a welcoming kiss from the girl in the panel. He thinks it’s his former girlfriend, but—surprise! It’s really his former girlfriend’s identical cousin.

(Yes, this was basically the plot of every episode of The Patty Duke Show—which first aired in 1963—four years after this story was published.)

Jerry and the cousin enjoy the kiss. A lot.  And—as it always does when you find yourself dating someone who looks exactly like the girl who rejected you—love proves irresistible.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman smiles and touches a man's chin playfully.

WOMAN: I’m not drunk enough to go home with you! Maybe later!

Artist unknown