Original art from First Kiss #30 (1963.) Click image to enlarge

Back in the real world, my daughter is also home for the holidays. But Shelagh and I couldn’t be happier.

In fact, we wish you were staying much longer, Caitie.

We’d charge you rent, of course. But we’d give you a discount…if you paid with cash.


↓ Transcript
CAPTION: While waiting to win the lottery, Lotta Denada decides she either has to get a job or...

SCENE, PANEL 1: Young woman is talking to her parents.

YOUNG WOMAN: ...move back in with you and Mom!

FATHER: Great! We’ll just sleep in the driveway so there’s room for all your stuff!

MOTHER: After we die of hypothermia, bury us in the flower beds!

SCENE, PANEL: Young woman stands by herself, thinking.

YOUNG WOMAN: Anger! Guilt!
Sarcasm! That’s so sweet! It’s like I never left!

Art by Luis Dominguez
Color by Allen Freeman ©2012 Last Kiss Inc